Bungee Jump Wedding

28.02.16 My Unusual Day

So, this blog is about my Bungee Jump Wedding

Why would I publish my Wedding on a travel blog? I mean, the Honeymoon is understandable, at least it was actually a big road trip! But my Wedding?

The reasons are simple, it’s partly to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all the people (and their companies) that helped us on the way; partly to give you an insight to who I am and what I’m like; partly to put correct some of the errors the papers made (yes, my Wedding was worthy of press and TV, apparently, having a Bungee Jump Wedding is news worthy…) and I got married a few hundred miles from home, so it kind of fits!

I won’t go into too much detail, as I’m sure no one wants a full diary entry on this! But the parts that let you know what kind of person I am will be included.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed the day!

The "Bridal Party"

The “Bridal Party”

A Bit of Background

First putting right of the papers, I did not get engaged at the age of sixteen. The papers said that I got engaged eleven years ago, wrong. I got married on the day we’d been together for eleven years after being proposed to a year before to the date.

So me and my (now) husband got together young, at college. We’ve spent quite a bit of time travelling together since Uni. We never really planned to get married, it wasn’t something we really talked about, seemed to be ‘settling down’ in a way. But then when we were climbing Kilimanjaro for our ten year anniversary, he planned to (and did) propose, since he said it was the perfect time and place, so if we decided to in later life he’d regret not doing it there and then. Unfortunately for him, I’ve never liked the idea of having a long engagement, so the planning began.

We both knew that we didn’t want to be married the ‘normal’ way. So we didn’t. We decided to literally ‘Take The Plunge’ and that’s what we did. We found the perfect place near Blair Atholl and since we were up in Scotland, how could we celebrate without a Ceilidh?

Ian Sinclair, the Amazing Piper

Ian Sinclair, the Amazing Piper

Our Wedding Day

So, our Bungee Jump Wedding! We told none of the guest, only the Best Men (I had a Best Man instead of Bridesmaid) knew. The location was the Highland Fling Bungee at Killiecrankie. I’d highly recommend the Highland Fling for a Bungee, it’s a beautiful spot and the guys are absolutely awesome – our kind of crazy anyway! Armed with a dress that had been specifically designed to fit the harness (designed and made by Judith Craig Couture), us, the Best Men and Parents arrived at the visitor centre to meet with our Humanist Celebrant, Jane Bechtel (whose name the papers spelt incorrectly, it was a bad phone line though…) and our photographer, Iain Struthers.

Highland Fling Bungee Team

Highland Fling Bungee Team

So after the initial shock for the parents, we went through the usual health and safety bits, got weighed and everyone got harnessed up. During this time we realised that I’d left that all important paperwork at the hotel! Luckily the guests had not quite left yet, so we were able to get in touch with one to grab it. Jane would then meet them off the bus (supplied by Elizabeth Yule Coaches).

All harnessed up and ready to go, we got in the Highland Fling minibus and went to the jump site. I hadn’t thought about the climb up to the pod when my dress was designed, so the ladders were a little tricky! We were all up in the pod under the bridge as our guest were walking over our heads to be led down to the viewing area by the piper Ian Sinclair.

I won’t bore you all with the details of the ceremony, we kept it short so the guests wouldn’t freeze! There was a speaker we’d set up so that they could hear too. So we went through what you have to go through, handfasting, vows, rings (which we made with ‘Make Your Own Wedding Rings’), the legal declaration and paperwork, being declared ‘Mr and Mrs Took’. After which Jane could technically be no longer professionally involved (as marriages must be conducted ‘safely and with dignity-which us jumping wouldn’t satisfy), we shuffled over to the jump platform.

Jane Bechtel, the best Humanist Celebrant

Jane Bechtel, the best Humanist Celebrant

A side note, I didn’t take my husbands name. We have decided to take a new name together (once again telling no one of our plans). Took has nothing to do with Lord of the Rings, it’s worse, it’s for the pun. We completely ‘took’ the mik. We barely did a thing you’re meant to do. I wasn’t taking his name as when hereditary surnames first came to England, once a woman was married she had no surname and pretty much ceased to exist. This can still be seen today when people address post to ‘Mr & Mrs ‘Husband’s first initial’ ‘Surname’. So I don’t like that. It seemed pointless to turn it on its head and have him take mine, our surnames wouldn’t work as a double barrel. So taking a new name it was. So we ‘Took’ the name.

A few safety checks and clips later we were ready to jump, so I threw my completely biodegradable bouquet (made by Coach House Flowers) and then we followed! The tandem was actually much easier than doing a single bungee. By the time you get to the point where your brain kicks in with ‘those rocks will hurt’ the weight of the other person has pulled you past the point of no return.

There was a further shock when one of the Best Men also had a jump!

The Surprised Guests

The Surprised Guests

The Aftermath

After getting the harnesses off we went back to the hotel, where the guest had already been taken (The Atholl Arms), for removal of walking boots and base layers. We then went for mulled wine and had a bit of explanation about what’s just happened, the name change, some of the normal stuff like Best Men Speech and cutting of the cake. We also drunk from a Quaich, which is a Scottish two-handled drinking cup.

Obviously we then had the Wedding Breakfast before the Ceilidh. A Ceilidh is traditional Scottish dancing, we had to have a caller as we don’t really know what we were doing! The night ended too fast, but then it was on to the honeymoon…

An Amateur Ceilidh

An Amateur Ceilidh


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