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Haka Tours in New Zealand have a wide range of tours to choose from. They aim to provide stress free tours of New Zealand, customised to your own taste! Haka Tours provide adventurous tours for small groups, they are a set number of days, so you get to know everyone on your tour and become a ‘family’. They can even provide private custom tours for groups of friend and family! With Haka Tours you will travel with like minded people that generally share the same attitude towards travelling – they want to see and experience the country they are in, not just see it from a bus window! Choose from Adventure Tours, Snow Tours or Mountain Bike Tours, for a Haka adventure that suits you!

Haka Adventure Tours

Tours from Haka come in three flavours: Adventure; Snow; and Mountainbike (MTB). Scroll to see more and follow the links for full details and departures.

The History Of Haka Tours

Haka Tours were established in 2006 and were the creation of Ryan Sander and Steve Latham. Both Ryan and Steve are Kiwis with a love of travel and adventure that brought them together to form Haka Tours! Together Ryan and Steve designed and developed a set of tours and then a unique system that allowed customers to build their own tour, giving the tours a much more personal edge.

The first Haka Tour set off in June 2007 and the company has kept growing since then! Adding more departure dates and hiring more staff. In 2008 Haka added Snow Tours and in 2015 Mountain Biking Tours were added, making Haka the most Adventurous Tours!

In 2011, Haka Lodges were added, which is a chain of upmarket backpacker hostels. On Haka Tours about a quarter of your nights will be spent in a Haka Lodge, so you can be sure of the high standards provided by your accommodation!

Haka is often perceived as being the word for a Maori War Dance. In fact, Haka simply means ‘Dance’ or a ‘Song accompanied by Dance’.

Haka Tours

The tours limit the group size to 16, so it really is a small tour group and you really will get to know everyone. With Haka Tours you pick your ‘base’ tour and then customise it by choosing activities and add-ons. All activities, add-ons and accommodation are prebooked and paid for in advance, so you don’t have to worry about booking or if you have enough cash spare on your trip! What’s more, Haka Tours even provide you breakfast, so you have a good start to a day of adventures! There are three types of tour that Haka Tours provide – Adventure, Snow and Mountain Bike.

Adventure Tours

These are the original tours provided by Haka Tours and there are a few to choose from. Ranging from the 3-day Bay of Islands to the 24-day Epic New Zealand Tours, which covers both the North and the South Islands. There are tours that are just the South Island, some that are just the North Island and both Islands tours to choose from.

Snow Tours

Snow Tours take in New Zealand’s snow sport scene. You can ski or board several mountains and see a number of mountain ranges. Choose from 4-day Queenstown Snow Fix, a 7-day South Island Snow Safari, a 7-day Ultimate Heli Tour or the 12-day South Island Snow Odyssey. There are plenty of activities in each tour and add-ons to choose from!

Mountain Bike Tours

New Zealand is one of the best places for Mountain Biking, so why not try a Mountain Bike Tour? From single track mountain bike parks to night rides there’s a tour for everyone! Choose from a 7-day North Island Trail Hunter Tour, a 7-day South Island Dirt Seeker Tour and the 16-day Dreamer Tour for your ultimate New Zealand Mountain Bike Adventure!

Haka Lodges

You’ll spend roughly a quarter of your Haka nights in Haka Lodges, which is Haka Tours own brand of backpacker hostel. The Haka Lodges policy is to provide customers with more for less, they are upmarket backpacker accommodation with a small price tag. The company have a strong sustainability ethos and so are big on recycling – they even have worm farms to recycle food waste!
These hostels have custom made bunks and hotel-quality mattresses, so you’re ensured a good night’s’ sleep after a long day of adventuring! Even though the lodges have modern features and are upmarket, don’t expect them to be stuffy, they still have a fun and casual vibe! What’s more all the Lodges boast amazing views!
There are five Haka Lodges at the moment, but they are hoping to grow!

Why Tour With Haka?

There are plenty of reasons to choose a Haka Tour. They provide a wide variety of amazing tours for the adventurous traveller that wants to experience the country they are in. Here are just a few reasons why Haka Tours are so good:

Small Groups

With an average of 8-12 travellers on Haka Tours it feels more like a road-trip with friends than an official tour! Smaller groups mean you get to know everyone better and make some great friends for life!

Great Reviews

Haka Tours have independently ranked as the Number 1 New Zealand Tour Company since 2012. They have also ranked as top Commercial Tourism Business in 2013, 2014 AND 2015!

Amazing Guides

None of the Haka Tour Guides have been Guides before joining Haka Tours. When employing Haka Tours look for people with a real passion for New Zealand who are also down to earth and friendly. This perfect combination makes your guide knowledgeable and will not only be able to answer any questions, they’ll become a friend too!

It’s Totally Kiwi

Haka Tours are completely New Zealand owned and operated. The small team really love their country and love seeing their customers having a unique Kiwi Adventure!

Customer Service

If you have any problems it will get sorted by the person you speak to. You won’t be transferred and any emails won’t be forwarded to others, no messing around. After booking the Haka Team will keep in touch until you start your tour.

The Experience

With Haka Tours you don’t just see New Zealand, you experience New Zealand. It’s about exploration and become immersed in the local life. Not only will you leave with happy memories and stories to tell, you’ll make some great friends for life from around the world!

More Than A Bus

Haka Tours are more than the ‘hop-on, hop-off’ passes. You stay with the same small group throughout your trip. You have a fun, guided tour of everywhere you visit with unique stops along the way. Haka Tours can get to places the larger buses can’t, so you really do get off the ‘beaten track’!

Unique Accommodation

As well as using Haka Lodges, you’ll stay in some other unique accommodation, such as Aquapackers (an ex-navy marine boat) in Abel Tasman. Each stop has the best accommodation possible.

Pre-booked Activities

Haka Tours are the only company that allow you to pre-book activities. However, nothing is compulsory, your guide can give you alternatives if you don’t want to join in with certain activities.

Haka Tours will provide you an amazing adventure around New Zealand. Whether you have time to tour the South Island, the North Island or all of New Zealand, there’s a Haka Tour for every adventurer! Whether you want and Adventure, Snow or Mountain Biking, Haka can provide you your ultimate adventure! With amazing accommodation, prebooked activities and breakfast included, get ready for adventure!

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