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Road Trips are great! They’re slow enough that you can appreciate the scenery but quick enough that you cover a decent amount of difference. Whether you’re driving yourself or using a company or even public transport road trips can be a great backpacking experience!

Road Trips – My Definition

It’s simple really, any trip that you take along a road, in a vehicle or on a bike (motorbikes and cycles included). It is faster than walking, generally slower than train and covers a fair amount of ground.

It doesn’t matter if you road trip driving yourself or use a company or public transport. As long as you are on a road and travelling!

How To Road Trip

As I keep saying, there are several ways to road trip. Here’s a bit more of an explanation on the types:

Drive Yourself

You can either use your own vehicle (or bike) or rent. The plus side of doing it yourself is that you can take stops whenever and wherever takes your fancy. You can take detours and basically have the freedom of the open road. Though I would recommend taking someone with you who can share the driving, especially if you get bored of driving quickly like me!

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Companies can either be in a form of a hop-on hop-off or a trip with a full itinerary. There are a variety of these in most countries, so you won’t be stuck for choice! Although you can’t really take your own detours the companies tend to show you the main sites and a few hidden gems. They generally have plenty of stops for view points and just general breaks (sometimes too many in my mind). Many also get you discounts on activities and guarantee you a bed at each stop.

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Public Transport

Using public transport allows you some flexibility to choose where you want to go and for the amount of time you want. However, there are generally few break stops and no viewpoint stops, so you may miss a few bits on the road itself.

Road trips are a great way to explore a wide area of a country (or even continent). Whichever way you choose to road trip you should see plenty!

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