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This category deal with travel news that could affect your adventure and interesting news stories that are linked to travel, even if they don’t affect it in anyway!

Why Bother About Travel News?

It is important to keep up to date when travelling! You never know when something may affect your journey and an easy way to find out is by looking at travel news. This could be good or bad. You may even have to rethink your trip! But by knowing about the news, at least you can prepare!

Types Of Travel News

Travel news may include changes to a companies policies, rule changes, scams to avoid, places that travel insurance won’t cover, health news. You can see how all these may affect an adventure! They may even cause you to rethink your travel plans!

Other news, that may not affect your travels may include an interesting research idea that links to travel. This may be research into why people travel or maybe what type of travel is best for your carbon footprint.

However, please do your research too! Check dates on these posts, as they may no longer affect you! Make sure you look up the full story if there is some news that may affect your travels.