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I like nature, no I love nature. When I travel I like to see not only cities but also get out in the wild. Learning about the the country or area that I am travelling is important to me. Here I will blog about nature across the world. Mainly focusing on animal (as this is where my passion lies), but I will also touch on other interesting natural aspects and creatures.

Lots of people travel to see wildlife, which is why I want to give more information on nature. But to truly understand nature you must get out there. and enjoy it. Nature and wildlife can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, go for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a massive trek. A simple stroll in the park can even reward you with a wealth of wildlife.

In this section a basic overview of natural processes and life of different creatures can be found. I will touch on range, diet, life and interesting fact. Conservation status is another feature that will be included, as this is an important fact for me .

(Hopefully) this section will come to cover a range of fauna and flora, extinct creatures, geological features and more. Although I can only give you my basic understanding of some area, I will do my best! I will also provide links for if you want a more in-depth description of the topic.

Also, don’t forget to check out the destinations and adventures in which the creature or aspects features!

If we travel to see and appreciate the natural world, it is important to conserve it for future generations. Understanding processes, creatures and the environment are key to saving what nature we have left. At the end of the day, the natural world has become dependant upon human kindness, but humans are also dependant upon the natural world.