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Take a look through this category to discover all the Guest Posts that have been submitted to natpacker. Guests Posts are by other travel bloggers, travel companies and those with knowledge of related subjects. They have all been approved and are relevant to travel and the rest of the site.

I’d like to thank all those that have provided content by Guest Posting. Thanks for your time and effort in supplying your post.

How Do I Guest Post For natpacker?

Want to have your article published on natpacker? Not a problem! Just email me at and let me know what you have in mind. If it suits my blog, I’ll let you know. I’ll endeavour to answer all emails, but sometimes the odd email doesn’t make it through, so feel free to give me a chase! Just make sure you also have pictures and an author bio to send with the article.

I’ll let you know the publishing date, so that you can share your article.

Want more information? Visit my Work With Me Page.

Guest Post Guidelines

Before contacting me about guest posting, please read the following guidelines and be sure you are happy with them:

  • Guest posts must be travel related;
  • All content must be original;
  • Pictures that you own the copyright to must be provided to go in the article;
  • An author bio, plus accompanying head shot must be provided;
  • Up to three links can be placed in the body of the article, plus a link to your home page and social media in the author bio;
  • I have final editing rights

If you’re happy that you can meet all these guidelines, please feel free to get in touch.