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This category focuses on journeys you can make. Basically, they can’t be destinations as they cover a vast area. I will cover different types of journeys and how you can make them. I will give a description of the journey and ideas where to stop and features along the way. Some journeys may take a few days, others will take a lot longer, plus you may get distracted on the way!

Types of Journeys

Journeys can be made on foot or by using a vehicle. You may want to buy some kind of pass or drive yourself. There’s a wealth of itineraries you can plan.


Walking gets you into the countryside much more than any type of journey. You can meet some great new friends (mainly curious cattle in England) and see some amazing sights. There are a number of multi day walks you can choose from. Some three day walks like the Sandstone Trail to the Queen Charlotte Track and (hopefully) many more. Remember, make sure you have the right footwear if you’re planning a hike.

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Road Trips

Whether you drive yourself or take public transport, you can cover a lot of ground via a road trip. You can see a lot of scenery a long the way. Road trips can include trains, hop-on hop-off buses and full passes.

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Multi Country

Multi country trips can still be a road trip, but is more likely to include a sea crossing, where you may need a ferry or a plane. These are generally journey ideas for long periods, such as a gap year.

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Whatever type of journey you are planning, hopefully I can give you some inspiration! If you are walking or driving, make sure you have a decent map!