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Here you can find my own travel experiences and adventures! Some are written in parts, broken up into days or sections, others are massive posts, depending on how I feel at times of writing! Adventures don’t just have to be far from home, I’m including my local adventures too! So you can read here about my adventures in the UK and over the world. The activities I have joined, the lessons I have learnt, the times when it has all gone wrong.

There are ups and downs. But nothing has stopped me from travelling and learning from my experience. I have tried many different activities, but there are still more to try! Travel is a great education and I have learnt a lot about myself and the world on my travels.

So from short day trips, to a whole extended adventures broken down into segments, I like to think I have done a fair bit of travelling, but nowhere near enough. Hopefully this section will just keep growing and growing as I travel more and more. And hopefully it will inspire you to travel to some of these places too!

Please do remember though, that all the views and feelings are my own opinion. Hopefully they will inspire you. But if I was disappointed or just plain didn’t like something, don’t let my opinion put you off trying. And feel free to comment and give me your opinions in the comment boxes!