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Ruins, Cenotes and Cuisine – Hello Mexico With West Adventures

An amazing journey with West Adventures on their Hello Mexico tour!

Float While You Eat

While traveling, one of the things you have in your mind is to taste the food from some local restaurant. And if you are a foodie like I am, everywhere you go you will see food following you. But there is this thing with me, whenever I go outside to eat; my focus is on […]

Guest Post – Top Four Places for Stargazing

Stargazing is one of the best ways to connect to nature and is better than any meditation. However, it requires proper weather conditions and atmosphere to look at the majestic sight of millions of stars at once. Unfortunately, you cannot find such an atmosphere in the city today. If you are a nature lover, an […]

Iberia And British Airlines

I booked with British Airways and flew with Iberia, here’s my review of the flight