5 Things California Is Known For

California, I love it! Although I have only been to four cities and two national parks, there’s so much to love about this incredible State. I would love to see more. Here my favourite guest poster shares five things that California is known for.

The Golden State, The Land of Milk and Honey, California! If you dreamed of making this state your home since you were a child, you had some amazing dreams, my friend. From its golden beaches and relaxed coastal vibe to its lively cities and high-tech gadgets, California will seduce you and make you fall in love forever. So, before you start packing your suitcases, here are a few amazing things you’ll first notice in Cali.

1. Sunshine

Californian Sunshine

California Sunshine Is Great During All Seasons

Ah, the West Coast! This part of the country is truly amazing with its breathtaking views of turquoise waves banging against sharp rocky cliffs with the entire spectacle showered in sun. California truly has the best weather all year round (especially South California). So you can enjoy that nature every day if you have time. Here you almost never need air conditioning or heating— nights are pleasantly cool and days are warm, sunny and perfect for all kinds of activities. Even in the north, you don’t need full-on heating (but the nights can get chilly in San Francisco.)

Traditionally, where you have the sun you have the beach and California is no different. This state is blessed with wide bays and gorgeous beaches that attract millions of tourists and a great number of surfers from all over the planet. The sunshine, the beach, the adrenaline and the unique mixture of fashion and music make up the Californian surfer lifestyle we all know and love (to hate).

2.Chill Vibes

Chill Vibes

Chill Vibes Are Strong In The State Of California

California used to be a paradise of choice for hippies and now it’s a paradise of choice of hipsters. Everywhere you turn, you can feel a strong mixture of creativity and individuality as well as the need for community. Californian culture worships openness towards other people, relaxation, enjoyment and social interaction.

Californians know how to live life to the fullest every single day. They know how to savour the sun, the beach, the ocean and the freedom. If you need to take a chill pill, you will certainly find your centre at one of the paradise beaches, cute coastal bars or in some of California’s remote locations where there’s nothing for miles but you. Since California has such a famous creative industry, people of the state are used to the strong sense of individuality. Everyone there lives according to their own beliefs and liberalism is present in every sphere of life from politics to economics. You can really be your authentic self in California without the fear of being judged.

Additionally, the chill spirit of California is also present in its streets covered in art and a huge number of galleries. What you get when you mix all of these different TV, art and music influences is a uniquely Californian blend of bohemianism people all over the world celebrate and love.

3. Celebrities

Hollywood, California

Think Of California And You Think Of Hollywood

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is considered by many to be the capital of all creative people of the world. What comes in mind when you think about LA is Hollywood and its many movie stars and starlets. However, there’s so much more to California than just film! Many great legends of the music scene started their careers here. Just try to imagine the world without the music of Guns ‘n’ Roses, The Doors and The Eagles! Californians know how to celebrate people who have a special spark in them.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle Is More Than A Fab In California

West Coast is all about fitness, health and eco-friendliness and for all the right reasons. Eating smart, clean and healthy is an important part of the local culture. Californians approach every day consciously and they tend to celebrate every meal, every passion and every little thing in their surroundings, and in order to do so for many years to come, you have to be healthy and sharp. When you stroll the streets of LA or SF, you can see dozens of gyms, yoga studios, meditation classes and mindfulness seminars.

Additionally, drug rehab centres in California are some of the most successful and praised in the world and they help many people find their strength, follow the path to recovery and get better. All in all, as soon as you step foot in California, you’ll want to ditch all of your bad habits and treat your body like a temple that it is!

5. Technology

Technology In California

California Isn’t Just The Beach Life

Some of the most brilliant people in the world chose California as home to their companies. When you walk the streets of San Francisco, you’ll meet everyone from Google employees to successful business owners and start-up workers. After all, it’s Silicon Valley—the place where technology develops grows and becomes a new trend. It’s where priests read sermons from iPads and where libraries rent out Google Chromebooks. It’s the place where Sci-Fi becomes reality!

If you decide to move to California or just visit for a few days, get ready to catch the Cali fever. You’ll be having green juice for breakfast, hitting the beach in the afternoon and thinking about the next big startup you can open in your garage. California will always inspire people to dream, improve and love!

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