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This category focuses on different types of companies you may be interested in as a backpacker or traveller. Some are tour companies that will take you around their country, some are memberships to get you better deals and others can just help you plan your adventure.

Tour Companies

Tour companies are mainly bus tours around a country. A good company will take you on road trips to the main attractions, plus some ‘hidden gems’. They make it so you don’t have to worry about seeing the ‘best there is to see’ in a particular country.

You can find hop-on hop-off tours as well as full packages (where you are with the same group for a set amount of days). A good company will guarantee you a bed at every stop. Many will also help you book activities etc in advance. Whenever you arrive somewhere the driver (and usually guide) will tell you their preferred places to eat and drink, what there is to do and more! Many can get you exclusive discounts on food, accommodation and activities.

The most important part to any tour company is the guide/driver. The guide should be knowledgable and passionate about the country he or she is showing you. They will tell you history, myths and legends, and just general facts about the country.

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A company may offer membership, they mainly do this if they own a variety of tourist attractions. Joining them is generally worthwhile if you think you will see a number of the attractions. You will often get free entry and car parking and sometimes special discounts.

Some companies also have associations with similar organisations abroad. It’s well worth looking into to see if paying a one-off fee could save you money in the long run!

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The Planning Stage

These companies can help you with different parts of the planning stage. From transport to accommodation and vital purchases such as insurance. Some companies can sort the entire trip for you, others just bits and bobs. Sometimes these companies will also have exclusive deals with other companies, saving you money on your trip too.

Many backpackers and travellers like to just ‘do it alone’ with no help from other companies. But I know that I like to use companies, at least sometimes. Even if it’s just for that little bit of help or saving money in the long run.

Make sure you shop around though. Get the best deal for you with the right company. Don’t just go with the cheapest – trust your ‘gut feeling’!