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A water bottle is a vital piece of equipment for any traveller. But with so options on the market, it can be hard to choose a good one. There’s so many features too. Filters, temperature control, lightweight, durable. So much choice! Who knew trying to find a decent water bottle would bring up so many questions? But it’s important to stay hydrated on the road, as you’re generally active when exploring a new place, well I know I am! So after a bit of research I tried the Hydro Flask, which is supposedly made for the outdoors.

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary Hydro Flask in exchange for a unbiased and honest review, therefore all opinions are my own.

About Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask was founded in 2009, in Bend, Oregon. They first launched an all -insulated bottle into the water bottle market. The company’s mission in to “Save the world from lukewarm water”. The company has come on from the first flask and has brought in other solutions. They now have insulated caps and are the lightest weight bottle in the insulated category.

In just six years they have designed more and more bottles. Now they supply not only water bottles but bottles specifically designed for beer, coffee and food. They actually have over 100 products. There’s even the ability to customise your own bottle.

The Hydro Flask Water Bottle

The water bottle comes in many different shapes and sizes. The amount of litres it can hold, how big the mouth is, the colour and even the type of lid can all be chosen. The bottle has a lifetime warranty, so you know the company is confident in what they sell.

My Hydro Flask

My Hydro Flask

The bottle itself is made from professional grade stainless steel. This means that the product is durable and doesn’t transfer any flavour to your water. There is also Tempshield technology, which means that liquid in the bottle should stay cold for twenty four hours, or hot for twelve hours. The proprietary powder coat also means that the bottle itself is easy to grip, durable and sweat-free. Plus the bottle is BPA and Phthalate free.

Sounds like a good one, right?

My Review

I received a 32oz, wide mouth water bottle, with a flex cap, in kiwi. Upon receiving the bottle, I was impressed at how light it was, for a metal bottle. It felt good, easy to grip and the bright colour meant that it’d be hard to lose – which is quite an important thing for me!

The wide mouth means that the bottle is easy to fill and you can have big gulps instead of just sipping. The flex cap is insulated and flexible, with a carry handle.

Still Cold

The Water In The Hydro Flask Was Still Cold After A Full Day Of Exploring, Perfect For Working In The Evening

My Score – 5/5

I have to say, this is the best water bottle that I own so far (as a traveller, I feel I can never have too many!) It’s light, and even when full it isn’t too heavy (though be all means it’s not super light, it is metal afterall).

I took the bottle around Mexico for six months and my water never went warm. It stayed cool and fresh, no metallic taste. Just perfect clear, cool water. And it lasted for hours and hours in the Mexican heat. Twelve hour bus ride? No problem. Wandering around in the heat all day? Not an issue! Seriously, amazing.

Essentials For Mexico

My Gringo Kit – My Essentials For Mexico

The handle made the bottle easy to carry (when it wasn’t in a bag) and clumsy me never dropped it once. The proprietary powder really did make it easy to grip and it never got sweaty.

A great thing about the wide mouth was how easy it was to fill. And I know this sounds stupid, you’re thinking “just put it under a tap”, right? Well tap water in Mexico isn’t safe to drink, so I had to use another bottle I have to filter the water and then tip it in.

Albeit, I still have to give the water bottle a go with hot liquids, but I must say I am very impressed!

Out And About

Taking Some Much Needed Refreshment After Climbing The Pyramid

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