Nine Reasons Why You Should Travel Now

I hear so many people saying how they wish they could travel like I did. But they don’t have the money/opportunity/confidence/any other excuse you can think of. They’ll do it eventually. But I feel that for many people it will never be the ‘right time’ to travel. Whether you do a gap year, a couple of months or even just weekends away whenever you can fit it in, you should travel. Just do it. If you need more inspiration here are my nine reasons why you should travel now:

1. You Develop As A Person

Travel gives you an education in yourself and life that no school or job ever will. Seeing other cultures can be a culture shock, which is good for you. You will have opportunities to learn new skills, such as language. You become more social and make some friends for life (that you will plan to visit). You become a more rounded person and confident in your own abilities. You also become less materialistic, once you’ve lived with just what you can fit in your backpack, you realise just how little you need. All this makes you a more generous and understanding person.

Frineds Made Backpacking

Friends For Life Made On A Backpacking Bus

2. You Will Have The Best Adventures

Don’t you love a challenge? And who doesn’t love the excitement of trying something new? As humans, we are meant to like an adventure. Travelling gives you the opportunity to really push yourself and have adventures that really are worth having. Back home you will have all the best stories to tell (even if after two weeks back no one wants to hear them)!

3.You Will Learn To Believe In Yourself

After the sense of accomplishment you have after your first trip, you quickly realise that you are capable of anything. Dreams really can come true, it’s just up to you to make it happen. If you’re stuck in a rut, only you can take that first step to change it. You become more adaptable and can cope with any situation life throws at you in the future. You’ve done what many think is ‘impossible’ so you can deal with anything.

Kilimanjaro Summit

After Climbing Kilimanjaro, I Really Can Do Anything!

4. You’ll Become A Happier Person

Travel makes you happy. Fact. We are not built to live a mundane life, vegetate and die. We are built to try things, experience new places. When you travel you fulfil this basic need. You become a much more relaxed and confident person who can deal with anything. Which in turn, makes you overall much more happy.

5. You May Not Live As Long As You Plan

Scary thought, but it’s true. Albeit, as a race we are living longer, but that doesn’t guarantee you personally will. There are still plenty of accidents happening in the world and diseases that may stop you. Not to mention when you reach retirement you may not be physically able to travel. (I’m expecting the retirement age for me to be pushed up to about 80 at any moment…) So if you’re fit and healthy now, make use of it. You never know when it might get taken away.

6. Time Will Slow Down

You know how ‘time flies’? The weeks mesh into one in that 9-5 job, where every day is the same? That’s because routine allows your brain to make connections that automate these activities. When you travel you break the routine. You have to think more and live in the present, making that feeling of ‘time flying’ and passing you by vanish.

Natpacker On Mount Iron

Live in The Now, Stop And Think And Time Will Be Less Fleeting

7. Because You Want To

If you want to travel, why put it off? If there’s anything you want to do, don’t self talk yourself into not doing it. If you wanted to go that much, you’d find a way. Don’t let anything as mundane as a house, a car, a job etc tie you down!

8. It’s Surprisingly Easy

I’m not joking. It’s easy to travel. Do it right and it’s cheaper than you think too. All those excuses you put in the way before travelling just melt away. There are so many companies to help you, not to mention the wealth of travel blogs. You just need to take that first step to realise just how easy it is.

9. It Actually Looks Good On Your C.V.

It doesn’t make you look like a lazy bum, contrary to what your parents say! Travel actually makes you an interesting person and makes you look like you’ve done something with your life. It’s a talking point that a lot of companies will give you an interview over, just out of pure curiosity (well that’s my experience anyway, it’s generally one of the first things they ask about). Having a gap year won’t put you behind your classmates. If anything because of your new found confidence and relaxed attitude you will climb the ladder quicker (until you get itchy feet again and need to go).

Bungee Jump

Take That Leap Into The Unknown and Travel!

If you want to travel, just go. You only regret what you don’t do in life. Stop putting it off, only you can take that first step! The life you are living now will be waiting for you, unchanged when you get back!

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Author Bio: Nat

I’m Nat, the backpacker behind natpacker. From the UK, I was bitten by the travel bug during a round the world trip in my early twenties. Since then I have been determined to see as much of this world as possible. My passion for travel led me to start up this blog, partly to record my adventures and partly to inspire others to travel.

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  • Totally agree with everything you say! Travel is harder for us than it used to be due to a huge drop in income and with Noah now being in school, but we love it so much we have just had to get creative about how we do it. Opting for shorter trips, hostelling instead of hotels, etc. I can already see how travel is shaping my six year old son as a person, and even his teachers comment on how reminisces about the experiences he’s had. He’s growing into a very curious, uninhibited, kind young man and I’m sure travel has attributed to this.

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