PortaScent Review

Portascent Review

I always try to fly with hand luggage only, it makes life so much easier. No waiting around for your bags (and no fear of them getting lost in transit). For me, it is the way to travel (plus it’s cheaper). However, liquids, such as perfumes, can cause issues. We all know there are liquid restrictions for your hand luggage. And let’s face it, anything airside or ‘travel-sized’ is a rip-off. I’m certainly not prepared to pay those prices. So I’m always looking for ways to get my essential liquids through easily. And that’s how I found PortaScent, a refillable perfume bottle for travel.

Disclaimer: I was gifted a PortaScent travel perfume bottle in exchange for an unbiased, honest review. Therefore all of my opinions are my own and uninfluenced in any way.

PortaScent By Leak Proof

PortaScent perfume bottles are made by Leak Proof. This company not only makes these travel perfume atomiser spray bottles, but also water bottles, travel mugs and bottle accessories.

Naturally, their products don’t leak. All the products are reusable, odourless and BPA-free. Perfect for the eco-conscious traveller.

PortaScent Refillable Perfume Bottle

PortaScent Bottle

About PortaScent

The PortaScent travel perfume bottle is a perfume atomiser bottle designed for hand luggage travellers. There are five colours to choose from, all with a metallic finish. Made from aluminium, the perfume travel spray bottle is light, glass-free, leak-proof and hand luggage approved. Once filled, you have roughly 120 sprays to get through, so should easily last a weeks trip or more.

There are also lockable versions available. These perfume bottles are available in four colours, they are also capless, made from plastic and hold about 65 sprays. But as this wasn’t the version I got, I won’t tell you any more about those ones.

How To Refill The Trave Perfume Bottle

There are two easy ways to fill the PortaScent before travel. If you are filling from a spray bottle, simply take the little (normally) plastic top of the spray off, revealing the plastic tube that should stick up. Line this tube up with the mechanism at the bottom of the PortaScent bottle and pump as if you were spraying the perfume. Easy!

PortaScent Mechanism

The Mechanism For Filling The PortaScent By Pumping

Filling The PortaScent

Place The Mechanism On Top Of The Plastic Tube

Pumping PortaScent To Fill

Simply Pump To Fill The PortaScent Travel Perfume Bottle

If you do not have a spray bottle, but instead have a pouring perfume, you can still fill the PortaScent bottle with it. The bottle easily comes apart, revealing the inside. You can then take the bottom of the inside out (the bit with the filling pump) and then pour your perfume in. Once full, put your bottle back together again.

PortScent Spray Bottle

The PortaSent Pulls Apart For Filling By Pouring

My PortaScent Review

I received a PortaScent travel perfume spray bottle in hot pink, which is, well, let’s put it this way, you can’t misplace it! Out of all the colours available, I think it looks good, partly because I tend to misplace things so the brightness helps.

When I received the spray bottle, I was surprised by how light it is. Although it is small, I did expect a bit more weight to it, but honestly, it is very light.

Filling the PortaScent is easy. It’s really simple to use with the pump. Although I didn’t realise at first that you can pour perfumes in, as I tend to get pouring perfumes this was great when I realised it! I did try the pump out, which is easy to do. There’s also a clear bit at the front of the bottle so you can see how full it is getting as you pump (and how low you are getting when using).

I first used the spray bottle for travel when I went to Ireland. Getting through airport security was no issue at all with PortaScent. Just be sure to put it in your clear liquids bag.

Liquids Ready

Carry On Luggage Ready With PortaScent

And when using to spray the perfume, it works like any other perfume spray. Though I haven’t counted the number of sprays in the bottle, I trust it’s around the 120, which is plenty for a few weeks away.

My Score – 5/5

The PortaScent travel perfume atomiser literally does the job, so how can I give it lower than full marks? Easy to use, it goes through airport security in hand luggage. It’s perfect for it’s intended use. Not only that, but it is light and I think it looks good too.

So now I will no longer be ripped off for travel-sized perfumes. Instead, I have a reusable perfume bottle. What’s more, I can now travel with whatever perfume I want, as I can fill before I travel.


My PortaScent Travel Perfume Spray Bottle

If you usually travel with hand luggage only, the PortaScent is perfect for transporting your perfume. You can buy yours here.

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