Printerpix is an online photo accessories retailer. They have a wide range of products to choose from and really are a great place to get your travel photos printed!

I recently signed up for their affiliate scheme. For those that don’t know, affiliate links is how this website makes money. All it means is that if you go to another page, i.e. printerpix, via the links on this site and buy something, I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. So please use the links to help maintain my blog.

Anyway, because I signed up Printerpix offered me a free canvas. Naturally, I accepted. Although I always accept freebies, I never really have high expectations. But I was pleasantly surprised with how good this freebie turned out! Here’s my experience.

My Printerpix Experience

So, first thing first. I had to choose a picture to go on canvas. I dread to think how many pictures I have of travelling. Thousands. All separated into nice neat folders. What would look better? Scenery, a close up of something pretty, or one of me and Dave? I think this turned into one of the hardest decisions of my life! Wedding planning was easier!

Me and Dave got the decision down to two contenders. Kilimanjaro summit or one at Hobbiton. We decided having a big canvas of Kilimanjaro would be too much like showing off (plus neither of us look great) so although we already have the Hobbiton one in a frame, we went for that one.

I had to order the picture online, and then inform my contact for the freebie to be processes. The ordering process was really easy. And sizing picture to the canvas simple to. The online system was amazingly easy to use – not what I’ve had when I’ve tried other companies!

Once ordered the canvas only took about a week to arrive. Brilliant. I expected it to take forever – especially it being a freebie. I expected it to just keep getting pushed to the back of the queue. In fact when it was delivered I was very confused – racking my brains as to what I had ordered! But it all made sense once I opened it.

And I was impressed with the quality. I always expect a bit of corner cutting with freebies, I don’t know why. But not with Printerpix – great quality, I was very impressed with the service!

About Printerpix

Printerpix is an online photo accessories retailer, based in the UK. They have a wide range of products available from simple prints to photo books, cards, calendars, personalised mugs, keyrings. This list could go on for a while! You can even get your Instagram pictures printed (also in books, cushions, calendars and more). And they often have great offers on too! Although the offers do change, so keep an eye out!

They also have photo tips on their website. This can help you choose the correct product and size for your pictures.It also gives you tips for cropping, so you can make the most of your pictures.

All products are assembled in the UK by hand, so special care is always taken. And if you do experience any problems, there is a great customer service team ready to help!

After receiving my canvas, I seriously doubt I would go anywhere else to have pictures printed. It was so easy and quick, and the quality was brilliant! So I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Printerpix for my wonderful canvas!

Also, if you go to Printerpix you can save 60%! All you have to do is use the unique code ‘NATPACKER’. You can save on everything, no order is too big or too small! However, this offer is only valid until 31st December 2016.

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