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Sleep Masks are not something I generally use, I’ve never really seen the point. Never understood how simply covering your eyes could have that much of an effect. Plus, they always looked uncomfortable. Then I discovered the Sleep Master, and my opinion was changed.

Disclaimer: I was gifted a Sleep Master Sleep mask in exchange for a honest and unbiased review, so all opinions are my own.

About Sleep Master

Sleep Master is an all-in-one sleep mask, that was designed for those with sleeping difficulties. It does not simply cover the eyes, it eliminates light and covers the ears to muffle sound, vital for falling into a deep sleep. With a velcro fastening, it is completely adjustable and one size fits all.

One Size

Velcro Straps Make Sleep Master Completely Adjustable

Made in the USA from synthetic satin fabric, which is soft, smooth, lightweight, cool and breathable. There’s no worry about it getting uncomfortable on your face. The dark blue colour is not just for aesthetics, it is best for light elimination. Inside the mask is padded with cotton, there is also extra padding around the ears, to help with muffling sound. It is also washable (cold water, gentle cycle) and durable.

The sleep mask also comes with free earplugs, for times when total sound blockage is needed.


Complementary Earplugs

My Review

My first impression of the Sleep Master was how soft it was. It felt silky, I could easily imagine being able to sleep with it on my face from the first touch. I was in love with the feel and the look (I really love the colour).

Sleep Mask

The Sleep Master Sleep Mask

The velcro made the mask easy to put on, it fastens at the back of the head, with a nice cut out for the nose. Once in place it did not slip, it was nice and secure, but not uncomfortable. The material was so soft and lightweight, I could barely feel it on my skin. The mask also covers the ears well and slightly muffles noise.

Putting On

Fitting Sleep Master

With the Sleep Master I also received a pair of ear plugs. These felt soft, however I found that they didn’t sit in my ears very well. But I’ve never really had a good relationship with earplugs! Personally, I wouldn’t use them and would simply rely on the sound muffling abilities of the mask.

Putting in the Complementary Earplugs

Putting in the Complementary Earplugs That Come With Sleep Master

My Score – 5/5

The fact that I don’t like the ear plugs doesn’t factor in this score, I decided to score literally just the sleep mask. I found the mask so comfy and it completely eliminated light, making sleep easy. I’m looking forward to using it on my next long-haul flight or in a noisy hostel!

Sleep Master

Night Night!

Sleep Master

The Sleep Master Kit

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  • Ian Houghton says:

    Need one of these to help me “seek darkness” when trying to acclimatise from jey lag.No elastic bands noise reducing and reusable….will give it a shot.

  • Harvey Lee says:

    This is really a great sleep mask. I am using this sleeping mask and I am loving it. It block the light and make comfortable my sleep. These are natural way to help us get to sleep faster. Thanks for sharing.

  • Felica says:

    I definitely need it. This blog is very nice and I am going for it. I always thought just putting something in your ear is not going to help you having a good sleep but this blog has made me wrong. This product is simple to use and not that expensive either for this precious sleep!

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