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Electricals have become a ubiquitous part of life, and they’re there when we travel now too. How many electrical items do you take on your adventures? At a minimum, I have a phone and a camera and these have to stay with me, charged, all day. Somedays I am out all day, this can easily be over sixteen hours! So need a way to keep my electricals charged up even when I’m out exploring. I have a couple of power banks, but they’re nothing special. So I decided to give the Zippo Heat Bank (which is a handwarmer and power bank) a try.

Disclaimer: I was gifted a Zippo Handwarmer and Power Bank (Heat Bank) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and uninfluenced

About Zippo

You have probably heard of Zippo because of their lighters. The lighter has become somewhat iconic and has been used in various films, album covers and more.

The Zippo Lighter was created by George G. Blaisdell in 1930s Pennsylvania. He watched a friend struggle to use an awkward Australian-made lighter. Although the lighter functioned well enough, it took two hands to light. Blaisdell reconstructed the Australian lighter, with its chimney, making it possible to be used with one hand. And so the Zippo Lighter was born.

Since then Zippo has grown. In 1962 they introduced their first non-lighter product; this was the steel pocket tape measure. Many other products have come and gone since then.

Zippo is still in the family. The company is currently owned by the grandson of George G. Blaisdell.

About The Zippo Heat Bank

The Zippo Heat Bank is a rechargeable handwarmer that also works as a USB power bank. It is available in two colours; green or silver.

Classed on their site as a Zippo handwarmer it has dual functionality. The handwarmer is dual-sided and has five heat settings. You can set it as high as 50℃. Online, they state that the power bank function will charge most mobile phones for one to two hours up to three times. There are lights on the top of the heat bank, which show battery power or temperature setting.

My Zippo Handwarmer And Power Bank Review

I received the green Zippo Heat Bank. When it came, my initial thought was that it was a little on the chunky side. However, it was lighter than it looked and the surface was lovely and smooth. Although the Heat Bank has two functions, you can only use one at a time.

Zippo Handwarmer And Power Bank

The Heat Bank That I Received

I knew I’d be using the Zippo Heat Bank mainly as a power bank, and the handwarmer part would be a bonus. The Heat Bank came with a small cable for charging. The cable is a nice length, small enough, but not tiny.

I have taken the Zippo Handwarmer and Power Bank on a few trips since receiving it, and I have definitely used it primarily as a power bank. The cable is small, so doesn’t get tangled if I’m charging my phone in my bag. When I was in Verona I used the power bank over several days, with one charge, to charge my phone numerous times. So it holds plenty of power.

Charging With Zippo

Taking A Break In Verona And Charging My Phone With The Heat Bank

The rechargeable handwarmer side of the Zippo Heat Bank I have only actually used once. It gets warm quickly, having different settings is definitely good. When my hands get cold I will always use the hottest setting first and then turn it down to a comfortable temperature. The lights make it easy to see what setting it is on. One minor issue was that I found the handwarmer a little difficult to use in the first instance – you have to hold the button for five seconds. And a bonus – no wastage at it is rechargeable!

Zippo Rechargeable Handwarmer

Having The Handwarmer Function Is Great For When Evenings Get A Little Chilly

My Score – 5/5

Despite my couple of minor issues, the Zippo Handwarmer and Power Bank (Heat Bank) does what it says on the tin. Both functions work well, and the lights make it easy to see how much power is left or what temperature you have it on.

Zippo Heat Bank

The Lights Make It Easy To See The Temperature Or Power Of The Heat Bank

The handwarmer gets nice and warm, which is all you need really! Plus, it is smooth against the skin, so feels nice as you warm your hands.

As a power bank, the Zippo holds plenty of charge and you can easily charge your phone a few times from it. So if you’re out all day it’s great for keeping your phone topped up.

My main issue with the heat bank was it’s chunkiness. Let’s be honest, girls pockets aren’t practical for chunky items. But let’s not get into that… However, considering how much charge it holds, I can forgive the chunkiness.

So no waste, lots of charge. The Zippo Heat Bank makes a good bit of travel gear. You can get your Zippo Handwarmer and Power Bank by following this link.


A Good Power Bank Is A Travel Must Have

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