Monthly Archives: July 2016

Take Only Memories, Leave Only Footprints

“Take only memories, leave only footprints”. This is a travel quote that I often come across, albeit in a different form. It has a modern version of “Take only pictures, leave only footprints”. I’m not sure when or where the change came about, but I heard it from a number of tour guides in Australia […]

A Wise Traveller Never Despises His Own Country

“A wise traveller never despises his own country.” This quote is one that I feel a lot of travellers don’t abide by (well, I’ve met quite a few that don’t seem to have this attitude.) But I feel that the quote hits on an important idea for travellers. So, where did this quote come from […]

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Travel Well

“You don’t have to be rich to travel well” This quote is true for so many travellers and backpackers today. And many people that don’t travel don’t believe this. But where does the quote come from and what does it mean? The Quote Source The quote is by Eugene Fodor, often referred to as ‘the […]

National Trust

The National Trust is a charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It was founded in 1895 to protect heritage and open spaces. The Trust owns over 350 houses, gardens and monuments, but it doesn’t stop there! They also own forests, nature reserves, villages and even 35 pubs! Being a charity it relies on memberships, […]

Wicked Honeymoon

Where’s the best place to Honeymoon? There’s no answer to that! It has to be a decision made by the happy couple. We had many ideas, since we were both taking three weeks off. India? Venice? What did we choose in the end? Scotland. We love Scotland, and since we were up there for our […]