5 Places To Backpack When You Are In Recovery

In all honesty, I don’t know how to introduce this guest post by Autumn. It is something I not only have no experience with, but literally have no idea about. So here is Autumn’s post on where to backpack in recovery.

Recovering from addiction doesn’t mean that you’re stuck in the four walls of your home. In fact, there are many activities you can do to boost your mental and physical health while staying sober. Here are 5 great places to go backpacking to get your well-deserved peace of mind.

To many people, recovery is a journey. This can be a time of gradually finding clarity after the chaos that has been. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, or other forms of addiction, there is a void that is nagging to be filled during the recovery process.

If you are in this journey, you might be running out of ideas to keep yourself occupied. You may have tried zen meditation, journalling, physical activities, and eating right – but there is still a lot of time in your hands. When there’s nothing left to do, and you want to unleash your adventurous side, backpacking may be your new and exciting hobby.

So, What Is Backpacking?

Backpacking is a term often used for travellers who go from place to place with only a backpack to carry. Backpacking is a low-budget way to preoccupy yourself while staying sober, while at the midst of travelling the world and discovering its beauty. Often, backpackers try to go light. All you need is a few sets of clothes, basic toiletries, handy tools, a stash of cash and your passport to start a trip.

What Are The Benefits Of Backpacking?

Low-budget travelling is beneficial for people who are in the recovery process. There are many reasons why the new generation of travellers opt for this travelling lifestyle, and here are some:

More value for money: Backpackers often get the most value for their money. As low-budget travellers, they can explore more places, try out more food, and do more activities for a lower price compared to those who do regular or luxury travelling.

Exposure to people and nature: Due to its low-budget nature, backpackers are often forced to use cheap transportation or walk from one place to another rather than with high-end vehicles. This gives them more opportunities to get to know other people, explore the culture hands-on, and to experience nature like no other.

Physical fitness: If physical fitness is a part of your recovery plan, then consider backpacking as one! Aside walking, you may have opportunities for hiking, trekking, or even canyoneering in places – all while carrying your backpack! How’s that for a workout? Now, you don’t have to worry about getting fit – you can easily keep yourself active just by travelling this way.

If you’re already convinced to take that alcohol detox and jump on your first trip of a lifetime, here are some top recommendations for those in recovery.

Top Places For Backpacking When You Are In Recovery


For many adventurers, Nepal is an ultimate classic. It’s beautiful landscapes, breathtaking nature, and wonderful people are what makes it a top destination. It is also home to Mount Everest and Garden of Dreams. This is an ideal place for backpackers because you can go as cheap as $20 or 215 Nepalese Rupees as your daily budget. With proper planning and execution, you can go to many places such as the Birgunj which is the country’s commercial capital.

Birgunj boasts of many popular landmarks such as Durga Temple, Shankar Acharya Gate, and clock tower. Visitors can also head on to Lumbini, the place where Buddha was born more than 2,000 years ago. If you want to stretch out your budget, you can also have a tour around Mt. Everest and the Himalayas. This trip may be beneficial to your recovery process, as nature is proven to ease the symptoms of withdrawal during recovery.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest


A lot of things can be done in this beautiful country even with a shoestring budget. Nicaragua is a combination of nature and astounding architecture, which is perfect for those who want Instagram-worthy pictures. Backpackers can visit the colonial buildings located in Granada for some one-of-a-kind photo snaps. After Granada, people can head on to the town of Masaya where they can witness the beauty of Laguna de Apoyo, a volcanic lake with pristine, blue waters. Corn Islands and Mombacho Volcano are also top spots for tourists.

If you’re a backpacker with a heart for volunteerism, Nicaragua is also a perfect place to extend your help. OneWorld365 offers volunteering projects that tourists can participate in. By seeing the world in another perspective, you can get out of the rut of addiction and find ways to dedicate your time to others.




Thailand is another ultimate destination for the dreamy backpackers. Top-class cuisine, a rich culture, and beautiful seascapes are what makes Thailand popular for tourists, young and old alike. Like Nepal, backpackers can enjoy an affordable budget of $20 a day in Bangkok. Some hobbies to enjoy within the capital are Thai Boxing, street food trips, and temple visits.

Backpackers can enjoy discovering the Grand Temple which is a former royal residence, as well as the Khaosan Road filled with shops and accommodation for tourists. For a more laid-back escapade, tourists can enjoy a day of snorkelling at the Phi Phi islands, Patong beach, and Kho Pha-ngan.

Thailand Mountains

Thailand Mountains


India is also a country rich with culture – and most backpackers agree! This awesome country is not only known for its budget-friendly offers, but they are also popular for their exotic cuisine and grand architecture enriched in history.

There are many hostels that backpackers can go to through the major cities in India. After getting settled, you can finally visit their sought-after landmark, Taj Mahal, which is a beautiful palace built out of an Emperor’s love for his wife. Have a Delhi City tour, explore the wonderful Indian cuisine, and visit Jaipur City for more wondrous sights.

Nature is also lovely in India. You can easily arrange tours for desert safaris, Goa beach, and another access to the Himalayan Mountains. Eat, pray, and love your way to recovery at this enchanting backpacker destination.

Sathodi Falls

Sathodi Falls


Turkey is gradually gaining popularity among travellers for its wonderful landscapes and rich historical sites. As many historians state, Turkey is the meeting place between Asia and Europe, and this is what makes this country so unique. Its capital, Istanbul, stands proud as the centre of the powerful empires of Ottoman and Byzantine.

Istanbul is known for the popular landmarks such as the Hagia Sophia Museum, Chora Church, and Istanbul Old Town. Backpackers can also visit Pamukkale, a town popular for its relaxing thermal spas. Dipping yourself in these natural spas can be a healthy way to fight against anxiety.



Travel On Your Way To Recovery

Backpacking can be a great way to help in the process of addiction recovery. As you consider these wonderful places to visit, know that this isn’t just a tool to keep you sober – it can also be beautiful memories that can be kept for a lifetime.

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