De Vlaamsche Pot

Taste The Best Food That Flanders Has To Offer

If you’re looking for some delicious Flemish food whilst in Bruges, look no further than De Vlaamsche Pot! ‘Vlaamsche’ literally translates as ‘Flemish’ and in this cosy restaurant you can really treat yourself to some of the best local cuisine.

Disclaimer: I was hosted at De Vlaamsche Pot in exchange for unbiased and honest coverage. All opinions are my own.

This cosy restaurant has a lovely charm and a friendly atmosphere. From the outside, the restaurant looks small, it almost feels as if you’re walking into someone’s house! But don’t let that fool you, there is seating for up to 200 people in this homely setting. With exposed bricks, red and white table decor, and mood lighting, the rustic feel has an enchantment all of its own, and that’s before you even taste the food!

What To Expect

Ok, so I have to admit De Vlaamsche Pot is not the cheapest of places to eat, especially if you’re travelling on a budget. But believe me, it is well worth splashing out on. You experience everything right? Food is an important part of a country’s culture, and so should be tried. And, in my view, this is the best place in Bruges for typical Flemish food.

With local suppliers for pretty much everything, you are truly getting a real taste of Flanders. All food is completely traceable and prepared fresh. With recipes that have been passed down through the generations, and some that have been rediscovered, you have a taste of history in a modern setting.

Starters At De Vlaamsche Pot

A Few Starters

The Food

Here are just a few examples of the food you may find on the menu (but as it is all local suppliers, this is subject to season and availability). You are also given home made bread as you browse the menu.


Asperges op zijn Vlaams (Flemish Style Asparagus)
Shrimp Cocktail
Goats Cheese Salad
Mosselen (Mussels)

Pate at De Vlaamsche Pot

Home Made Pate

Goats Cheese Salad at De Vlaamsche Pot

Goats Cheese Salad

Mussels At De Vlaamsche Pot



Fish Stew
Koninginnehapje (Chicken Vol-au-Vents)
Konijn op z’n Vlaams (Flemish Rabbit)
Beef Stew

All mains are served with traditional Frites, which are served straight out of the colander!

Flemish Rabbit At De Vlaamsche Pot

Flemish Rabbit

Fish Stew At De Vlaamsche Pot

Fish Stew

Chicken Vol-au-Vents At De Vlaamsche Pot

Chicken Vol-au-Vents

Beef Stew At De Vlaamsche Pot

Beef Stew


Chocolademousse (Chocolate Mousse)
Wafels (Waffels)
Ice Cream

Waffle At De Vlaamsche Pot


Chocolate Mousse At De Vlaamsche Pot

Chocolate Mousse

And if you like the food, you can even buy the Recipe Book to try your hand at Flemish Food!

There is also a wide range of Belgian beer available and a wine list that is drawn up by an experienced wine merchant.

How To Find De Vlaamsche Pot

De Vlaamsche Pot is fairly central and easy to find. From the Markt head down Sint Amandsstraat. At the end of this street turn right, following Korte Zilverstraat, until you come to Noordzandstraat where you turn left. Then take your third right onto Helmstraat, where you will find De Vlaamsche Pot.

Outside De Vlaamshce Pot

De Vlaamshce Pot

Although not a cheap place for a backpacker to eat, I would advise you budget a trip to De Vlaamsche Pot. The portion sizes are massive and you get a true taste of Flemish food, all from local suppliers!

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