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On the Markt Square in Bruges, you will find the Historium. This attraction takes you on a journey through medieval Bruges, where you can learn about the importance of the city during this time. Housed in a historic building on the site of the Waterhalle, which was important for the shipping of goods. An apt place for the Historium. . It is more than a museum, there are several parts to the Historium, which take you to medieval Bruges in different ways.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets to the Historium in exchange for honest and unbiased coverage, therefore all opinions are my own.

The Journey Through The Historium

There are very distinct parts to your journey through the historium. The Story and the Exhibition require headsets, that you are given upon entry.


The Historium

The Story

The Historium tells the story of a Jacob, the apprentice of Jan van Eyck, in 1435, medieval Bruges. With cinematic and special effects this gripping tale of love and commerce is much better than it sounds! During this tale you visit seven themed rooms, all themes were important in medieval Bruges. These rooms are:

The Bruges Quays
Jan van Eyck’s Studio
The Toll House
The Guilds
The Bath House
The Stock Exchange


Entering the Story

Exhibition and Terrace

After the story has ended, you come into the main exhibition. First there are questions on the story, that you can answer to see how much you learned from the story. The exhibition is interactive, simply type the number into your headset of the display you wish to learn more about. Here you can learn about the the architecture of the Bruges, the city layout and even how historians and designers made the Historium.

From the terrace there is a great view of the Markt Square. There is also some information, if you choose to listen on your head set.

View Of Markt Square

The View Of Markt Square From The Terrace


This bar on the first floor also offers great views of the Markt. Here you can purchase speciality and local beers. And if you’re not sure what to get, you can purchase a tasting platter, where you choose three beers to taste.


Tasting Platters Of Beers

Virtual Reality Experience

This cost a little extra, and is an optional extra, but I thought it was worth doing. On this experience you tour medieval Bruges, linking to the story you have already heard. You can even interact a little, using your hands to move objects.


The Virtual Reality Pods

Finding the Historium

The Historium is really easy to find, being in the main Markt Square. It is on the opposite end to the Belfry, basically walk away from the Belfry, up the Markt and look to your right. If you reach the corner of Philipstockstraat and Vlamingstraat, you’ve gone too far!

Outside The Historium

Outside The Historium – You Really Cant Miss It!

To be honest, I was not too sure about going to the Historium, but I’m glad I did! I was pleasantly surprised with how engaging the museum is. I found it good fun and so much more than just another museum. If you’re in Bruges it’s definitely one not to miss – I’m shocked the film missed this out!

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