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Choco-Story in Bruges is a chocolate museum. Unfortunately I don’t mean it’s made out of chocolate, I mean it’s a museum about chocolate, which is almost as good! The museum tells of the history of chocolate, from cocoa to the chocolate we know today over several floors. It also informs you of the quality of Belgian chocolate and why it is good for you.

Disclaimer: I was gifted tickets to Choco-Story in exchange for unbiased an honest coverage. All opinions are my own.

The museum is housed in Maison de Croon. The building dates back to 1480 and was originally a wine tavern. Later, it became a patisserie and housed various other businesses before becoming the Choco-Story.

The Chocolate Museum

In the museum you will discover the history of cocoa and chocolate, from the Mayans and Spaniards to modern day. Work your way up the stairs, stopping at each room. Once at the top you head down the stairs again to the ground floor and follow the signs to the demonstration. The rooms are lettered, so make sure you follow the correct order!

Choco-Story The Chocolate Museum

Choco-Story The Chocolate Museum

Room A  tells of the customs and beliefs of the Mayans and Aztecs. You will also learn the ways in which they used chocolate as an offering to the gods.
Room B  starts with how the Mayans and Aztecs used cocoa as currency and a drink. The story then goes on to tell how the Spaniards adopted the cocoa drink, adding sugar.
Room C  is filled with information on the cocoa tree and bean production.
Room D  tells you all about Belgian chocolate. The health benefits, the history of production and what makes Belgian chocolate so good.
Room E  finishes this part of the museum with a short film.


Chocolate At Choco-Story

Back on the ground floor, you head towards the demonstration. As you go in this direction you pass lots of chocolate sculptures, which are amazing.

Chocolate Sculpture

One Of The Chocolate Sculptures

The demonstration goes through many different stages of making chocolate – there’s more than you think! You will also see what makes up dark, white and milk chocolate. After the demonstration you also get a free taster.


The Chocolate Making Demonstration

The Choco-Story also opened a chocolate bar in 2015. The bar is called Choco-Jungle, and is just a 5-minute walk away. It’s worth popping in, especially if you’re a chocolate lover!

How To Find Choco-Story

Choco-Story is fairly easy to find and not far from the Markt. Here are directions from the Markt:

Head towards the top right of the square (away from the Belfort), here you should find Vlamingstraat, follow this street. You need to turn right when you down Sint-Jansplein, which is second on the right. Choco-Story is on the corner of Sint-Jansplein and Wijnzakstraat.

Outside Choco-Story

The Choco-Story Building

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