The Lovers Statue

What's With The Frog

Just off the main square in Bruges there is another small tree lined square. In this square stands The Lovers statue, or Les Amoureuses. This piece of art also has a little quirk, there is a frog at the back of the statue, which has it’s own little tradition surrounding it.

The Lovers

The bronze statue is the work of husband and wife team Stefaan Depuydt and Livia Canestraro. This sculpture is of a couple, that are lovingly embracing. They are completely captivated with each other under the canopy of trees. The lovers are sculpted as if they are about to kiss.

The statue’s location is just off the main Burg Square, in a smaller, pretty square. On the main square is the City Hall. It is suggested that the Lovers represent all the couples that were married there.

Lovers Statue

Unfortunately There Was A Kids Area Surrounding The Lovers Statue When I Was There

The Frog

Behind the Lovers, on the column on which they are stood, a small bronze frog can be found. There is a tradition that surrounds this frog, which has been around for over a century.

The Frog

The Frog On The Lovers Statue

It is told that travellers should kiss the frog. Once the frog has been kissed 100,000 times, it will turn into a Prince, or Princess, who will carry your bags for you forever. So make sure you give the frog a kiss, you never know, you could be the 100,000th person!

Me Kissing The Frog

Me Kissing The Frog – No, I Was Not The 100,000th Person

Finding The Lovers Statue

The Lovers statue is fairly easy to find, once you know where to look. It is in the centre of the little square it is in, so easily spotted. Here’s how to get there from the Markt:

Face the Belfort and head to the left, follow the road round and then turn left onto Breidelstraat. Follow this street to Burg Square. Carry on across the square, keeping to the left. The square opens out on your left, in this open space you will find the statue of the Lovers.

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