Guest Post – Wilderness and Adventures Not to Miss in Canada

Wilderness and Adventures

As I have not explored Canada at all I was very happy that Roxana has contributed this post about the wilderness and adventures in Canada. It’s definitely made Canada jump up a few places on my bucket list!

Wondering where you should take you beloved backpack next, where you next great big adventure lies? I think Canada just might be the backpacking escapade you have been craving for. The cool thing about being a backpacker is that you combine travelling, exploration, and adventure into one big unforgettable experience devoid of any extraneous activities – just you, your backpack, and adventure!

And boy, has Canada got plenty of adventures for you to dive in. A lifetime is probably not enough to explore and experience everything this majestic country has to offer, so here are the top five places you definitely want to include in your bucket list. Read on, get planning, and get moving!

The Tombstone National Park Trek

Tombstone Mountain

Tombstone Mountain

Don’t worry, this is nothing like the Liam Neeson movie, rather it the trek will take through one of the most beautiful natural reserves in Canada. Located in the western territory of Yukon, and bordering Alaska, is the Tombstone National Park, home to indigenous wildlife and natural wonders spanning a whopping 2,200km2 in size – enough for days of trekking!


This is a rugged, untouched natural reserve, where the is no cell phone reception and the nearest food, gas, and lodging opportunities can be found 369km to the north, in Dawson City and Eagle Plains. While it is a true paradise for backpackers, be sure you bring enough provisions, gas, and a couple of spare tires with you just in case.

A Mountain Lodge Escapade

Do you consider yourself brave and unmoved by horror stories about grizzly bears and unsuspecting campers? Good, because Canada and its breathtaking natural scenery is the perfect place for a wilderness lodge escapade.

Don’t worry, you won’t be camping in a tent, rather the Bella Coola Valley has wonderful, quaint lodges for you to occupy during your stay. While the wilderness is second to none, you do want to refrain from long excursions outside without a guide leading the way, as you might upset the untamed wildlife. Remember, you never want to upset a momma grizzly bear.

Nova Scotia Exploration

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

When hell bent on adventure and exploration, Nova Scotia is the place to be. This is one of the eastern, and most popular, Canada’s Maritime provinces, home to rich and diverse wildlife as well as famous exploration destinations, and of course, challenging water sports.

One of the most adventurous Canada holidays you can take, as a backpacker of course, is a Nova Scotia exploration route that will take you through the capital of Halifax to the stunning coastal scenery of Cape Breton Island, all the way to the historic fortress of Louisburg. You don’t want to miss this one.

Dog Sledding in Yukon



When you try to envision a winter adventure in Canada, do you see a dozen beautiful Alaskan Malamutes pulling you on a sled through snowy mountain valleys, gorges, and riverbanks? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. In fact, the picture is the epitome of a Canadian winter holiday.

Dashing through the snow while being pulled by the most lovable creatures in the world is awesome, but remember that you’re in Canada, so the experience, however enchanting it might be, is also a very cold one.

You will require extra layering, as you will be spending hours on end in the unforgiving snowy landscape of the Canadian outback. You don’t want to get yourself sick or worse, end up covered in frostbites. Don’t forget to wear thermal underpants so that you can venture on foot outside the sled to take pictures and stretch your legs. Otherwise, the sled is lined with comfy blankets so the freezing cold shouldn’t be a problem.

Alberta Dinosaurs, Lakes & Glaciers



Encompassing everything from prairies, coniferous forests, desert Badlands and vast mountain ranges, Alberta is a province in western Canada worth visiting. A true traveller’s retreat, the region is home to more than six hundred beautiful lakes, as well as numerous national parks.

For the best possible experience, you want to visit the Banff and Jasper National Parks, the Alberta Badlands as well as the Cities of Calgary and Edmonton where you can rest, explore some more, and recuperate for the day ahead. Be sure to visit the breathtaking scenery of the famous Lake Louise in the Banff National Park, just a two-hour drive from Calgary.

Canada is one of the most wonderful winter holiday destinations in the world. With its rich, untouched landscape and a vast array of natural wonders to explore, you are destined to experience the backpacking trip of a lifetime exploring the country’s urban and natural beauties.

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