The Hoodie – Why You Should Always Have One When You Travel

The Hoodie is seriously the best item of clothing for a traveller! I always have one with me when I travel, no matter how hot or cold my destination is. They’re so versatile for travel. And I don’t mean your fancy, all singing, all dancing several hundred features in one hoodie hoodie. No, I mean your run of the mill, big, baggy comfy hoodie with the one big pocket at the front. Here’s why I always take a hoodie on my travels!


Lets face it. Big, old, baggy hoodies are so comfortable. They can pretty much be worn over anything. And let’s be honest, hostels rarely have the heating on full blast, so can sometimes feel a little chilly. Hoodies are great for keeping warm in chilly hostels. Plus, they’re familiar, so can be a comfort if you start to feel homesick.

Covering Up

It can be a little intimidating running around a hostel in just your pyjamas (or is that just me) and even a little chilly. Hoodies are a great way to cover up. Whether you’re making the run from the shower to bed, wanting to chill in the common room for a while in your pjs, or just can’t be bothered getting dressed for breakfast, just slip your hoodie on instead! And that big pocket is great for carrying a few bits and bobs, like your shampoo from the shower!


When on the road, whether it’s on a train, bus or plane, a hoodie can be a lifesaver. I find just putting the hood up blocks out some of the light and noise, allowing me to get some sleep. Although, this is obviously nowhere near as effective as an eye mask and earplugs, it tends to do the trick for me! They also give you a little bit of padding if you rest your head against the window, like I tend to. Also, if you’re camping they can even be used a pillow, not the best pillow in the world, but better than nothing!

So, there are my reasons as to why I love my hoodies and why I will always have one with me when I travel! Do you have any more uses for a hoodie when travelling?

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