Seven Items Of Clothing Every Female Backpacker Needs

As a girl and a backpacker, there are certain items of clothing that I always pack for an adventure (of more than a day). On an adventure, fashion trends are the last thing on my mind, I just dress for what I’m doing! Whether it’s a weekend break in a city or a week’s hike I very rarely forget these essential items of clothing!

A Dress

Depending on how long I am travelling for, I may take one or a couple of dresses. Dresses are great for girls, they can be dressed up or down. So they’re flexible! If you have a really nice day and you’re not doing a hike a dress is a great outfit for keeping cool And if you end up needing to be a little smarter, you can dress up.

For a dress for all occasions, check out the Kameleon Rose Ultimate Travel Dress, it can transform into 20 different outfits. See my review here.

Kameleon Rose Travel Dress

The Ultimate Travel Dress

Walking Boots

Nothing beats walking boots for comfort when you’re spending a long day on the move! Whether you’re on a hike or in a city a good pair of walking boots will keep your feet comfortable when you’re on them all day!


I love my buff! It may not be the best fashion item, but it is very useful. It’s multifunctional. I use it to keep my neck and face warm in cold conditions and I soak it in water before putting it around my neck in hot weather as a cool-down. You can wear it as a bandana, hat and more. I also tend to use it to keep my hair back.

Trekking Trousers

Trekking trousers are great for all casual days. They keep you fairly cool when out and about and dry quickly if you get caught in the rain. I love my pair that can be unzipped above the knee to become shorts for really hot days!

Waterproof Coat

Once again, not the most fashionable thing to take, but very useful! There’s nothing worse than getting soaked through and having to head back to the hostel to get changed, or worse spending the day soaking wet! I think my waterproof lives in my backpack (except for when I’m wearing it!)


Even if I’m travelling somewhere cold, sunglasses come too! Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean it won’t be bright and sunny. My sunglasses are always with me, you’ve got to protect your eyes!


Hoodies are so comfy! They’re great if it’s a bit of a chilly day to keep you warm or for just lounging around the hostel in. I also like to use my hoodie to cover up if I’m in my pyjamas in the hostel.

So there it is my list of clothing that, as a girl, I always take with me on an adventure. I haven’t included obvious items like underwear and socks, these are just what I like to have with me. This list will probably be different for everyone (and I’m fairly sure most boys won’t take a dress!) Is there anything you’d rather have? Please feel free to give me your opinions below!

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