Investment In Travel Is An Investment In Yourself

“Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.”

You learn so much travelling. You experience so many things you never dreamt you would. Travelling changes you, when you travel you certainly do invest in yourself.

The Quote Source

This is a fairly recent quote and comes from Matthew Karsten. He is a travel blogger and photographer. He is known as the ‘Expert Vagabond’ and has been on the road for over five years (at time of writing). He hopes to inspire and help others to travel.

What This Travel Quote Means To Me

To me this travel quote says that travel is a valuable experience. When travelling you learn a lot about yourself and even learn new skills. You make friends, go to places and do things you never dreamed possible before. You develop as person and gain confidence in yourself.

I know that on my first gap year I changed. I developed confidence and tried so many new things. I learnt about myself. Much more than I did at University. Travel gives you so much life experience. Even if you only travel once, you will develop and learn so much.

Travelling may cost money and require a lot of sacrifice. But it is more than worth it. What you’ll discover and become is worth the money and effort. You really do get everything and more back, travel is a great investment to make in yourself. And if you get hooked, you’ll just be investing in yourself again and again. Whether you do small trips or trips with no definite end in sight, you will always be developing yourself with the experience of travelling.

Travel is a good investment. Alright, it may not make you rich and you’ll miss some home comforts. But it is amazing how much you change. You become a different person, most people change for the good. I definitely gained more confidence in myself and wouldn’t get as nervous meeting new people after my first trip.

So why not make that investment?

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I’m Nat, the backpacker behind natpacker. From the UK, I was bitten by the travel bug during a round the world trip in my early twenties. Since then I have been determined to see as much of this world as possible. My passion for travel led me to start up this blog, partly to record my adventures and partly to inspire others to travel.


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