Stop Worrying About The Potholes In The Road…

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.”

This quote tells the importance of just enjoying yourself. When travelling or backpacking, something is bound to go wrong, but there’s no point worrying! How will worrying help matters?

The Quote Source

The quote is attributed to Babs (Barbara) Hoffman. Babs Hoffman was born in Belleville, Illinois in 1931. She was an infielder for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. She is part of the permanent display of Women in Baseball at the Baseball Hall Of Fame And Museum in Cooperstown, New York.

What This Travel Quote Means To Me

For me, this quote is about just getting on with things and not worrying. If you worry about what could go wrong when travelling (and in life in general) you’ll never get anything done. You’ll never go anywhere or see anything. You should just take the first step to your big adventure and let what happens happen. Enjoy what goes wrong (albeit maybe in hindsight).

When travelling, or backpacking, for any length of time you can practically guarantee that something will go wrong. You may miss a bus, get up late, get ill, maybe even have something stolen. You learn to deal with it. You move on and carry on enjoying your adventure. You learn to laugh at the mishaps and put them down as a learning experience.

If you’re always focusing on what could go wrong you’ll never take the first step to travel. It just makes the thought of travelling scarier than it already is the first time. You should focus on what good could come from travelling. What you’ll see and experience. Then you’ll be more likely to go.

So stop worrying about everything, get out there and enjoy life! Whether you travel or not, enjoy yourself, don’t scare yourself with stories or what could happen!

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