One Always Begins To Forgive A Place As Soon As It’s Left Behind

“One always begins to forgive a place as soon as it’s left behind.”

No matter what went wrong, or how bad a place was, as soon as you leave you will see your memories through rose-tinted glasses. Everything looks better in hindsight!

The Quote Source

This quote comes from the novel ‘Little Dorrit’ by Charles Dickens. The story is one of Dickens’ later works and was published as a serial between 1855 and 1857. There were 19 monthly instalments, of which each were 32 pages and contained two illustrations.

The novel criticises the governments’ and societies’ shortcomings. It focuses on debtors’ prisons, where debtors were imprisoned until they repaid their debts. Dickens also criticises the lack of a ‘social safety net’ and the system of British class and the stratification that arises from it.

What This Travel Quote Mean To Me

This quote says, to me, not to worry when things go wrong whilst you’re travelling. Although lots might have gone wrong, or you might of hated a place, you always look back with rose-tinted glasses. So there’s no point worrying, as soon as you leave you will being to ‘forgive everything. You learn to laugh at everything that went wrong – they make great stories anyway!

No matter how bad a place was, you will look back on it and smile. You realise that you learnt a lot there, you smile about the mistakes you made. You completely ‘forgive’ everything. And you certainly don’t leave it out when you’re telling people back home of your travels! The bad bits are great for telling people back home – makes you seem like you can cope with anything life throws at you!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It allows you to look back and laugh at the worst situations you were in. It allows you to look at what the situation taught you. As soon as you leave, it doesn’t seem anywhere near as bad as it was!

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