The Pros Of Travelling With Your Partner

In case you haven’t noticed, I always travel with my other half. Although we have our ups and downs, I think it’s a great way to travel. And it turns out I’m not the only one to think that! In this guest post, Connie tells us the pros of travelling with your partner.

There is so much material online about how amazing it is to travel solo and how it will be the best time of your life. This is true, you will really discover yourself and what you’re capable of. However, I often find that there isn’t as much material about how travelling with your partner can also be life-changing. By partner, I am referring to the individual you are in a relationship with and not just a normal friend. Sure, like with any travel there will be bad days, however, travelling with your partner is simply amazing for so many reasons…

1. You Have Someone To Share Your Memories With

Whenever I have experienced something incredible on my own, I just want to talk about it for ages. I want people to know what I did, where I stayed and all the personal anecdotes in between. However, people eventually become uninterested in talking about your experiences. After all, they weren’t there and can’t relate so much to what you are talking about.

The Pros Of Travelling With Your Partner - Share The Experience

Sharing Experiences

Having a partner to travel with means you will always have someone to talk to about your experiences. You can laugh at the funny moments and feel the travel blues when a month has passed, or two months or a year even. Regardless, having a travel partner means that you’re not alone.

2. You May Feel Less Homesick Travelling With Your Partner

In this article, I am not suggesting that either solo travel or travelling with your partner is better than the other. I am simply pointing out that there are pros and cons to both. One of the cons of solo travel that affects many backpackers is homesickness. This is completely normal. After spending a considerable amount of time away from home by yourself, it is normal to feel homesick every once in a while. Fortunately, if you are travelling with a partner then it is perhaps less likely that you will experience homesickness.

3. You Perhaps Will Be More Safe

Roaming around cities on your own, particularly in the evening, means that you are more vulnerable. This can be contested, and I myself have never felt unsafe whilst travelling solo, however, it is a fact that you are more vulnerable when you are alone. This, in turn, means that travelling with a partner results in you being less vulnerable making you safer as you go about your day. Therefore, this is another big pro for travelling with your partner.

4. You Have Your Own Personal Photographer!

Travel With Your Partner For A Personal Photographer

Use Your Other Half As Your Own Photographer

This may be a bit of a silly pro but it is so convenient. When I look back on my solo trips, I find that I didn’t take too many photos or rather, I took photos of famous sites etc but none with me in. For me, I may as well have gotten a better photograph off google images. However, when you are travelling with a partner then you have the luxury of your very own personal photographer.

5. Accommodation Can Be Cheaper

When you stay in hostels, the price of a single dorm bed is always cheaper than a private room. This makes sense, you get what you pay for. However, a lot of the time private rooms are not double the price of an individual bed. This means that when you travel with a partner and split the cost of a private room, it can work out more affordable than travelling solo. The more pennies you save, the more you can spend elsewhere!

Travelling With Your Partner

Have A Great Time Travelling With Your Partner

Anyway, there are your five pros to travelling with a partner over solo travel. Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner to travel with as this post isn’t a way of saying that travelling with a partner is better. There are also plenty of pros to solo travel in comparison to travelling with your partner.

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