My Top Travel Bloggers Of 2016

Here it is! The list of my favourite Travel Bloggers in 2016! As I only started myself this year, all these blogs I have discovered this year. These are the ones that I have generally looked at the most and each for different reasons. So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my favourite Travel Bloggers of 2016!

Anita Hendrieka

What I love about this travel blog is the really honest feel it has. Everything is written in a simple, honest tone. It makes me believe that the ‘Stuff I Love’ section really is an honest opinion and gear that Anita truly recommends (which I am generally quite skeptical about). I also like how she gets into everything, she ranges from budget travel to luxury and even adventure travel. If it’s there, it seems she’ll try it!

Rapunzel’s Passport

The photos on here are just amazing. Seriously. Especially the safari shots, amazing close-ups and beautiful scenery. She says she’s not really a professional photographer, but her pictures are miles better than anything I could dream of capturing! I also really like the girl behind the blog, how she compromises to travel more, she states how she loves 5-star luxury, but then no one wants to chat, so she loves hostels for the friendliness but hates the lumpy mattresses. I think we all feel that way sometimes about hostels!

Nomadic Boys

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These boys are focusing on a very niche market – gay travel. I like it. They’re blog has a really fun feel, they don’t seem to take anything too seriously! The pictures of them always look like they’re simply having a laugh! They seem to just be constantly having a fun time together and meeting other people, and that’s what travel’s about, right? There are also some good recipes from around the world on their blog which are easy to follow to give you a taste of the world wherever you are!

Bemused Backpacker

I love the ‘feel’ of this site, and I especially like the logo. This guy knows his stuff, he’s even written a range of books for travel. What I really like about this site though, is the health section. Being a nurse, he really knows his health advice, so it is one of the sites I check for travel health advice. It’s in depth and simply tells you the facts. And if you can’t find your answers in the health section of the blog you can buy a travel clinic consultation.


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This couple are full time travellers and they focus on world foods in their blog. Their recipes are great – I’ve actually tried a few and highly recommend their Italian Sausage And Asparagus Risotto. I need to try more of these recipes! The recipes have a great introduction, telling you about the dish and the methods are easy to follow. They also give recommendations for substitutes of harder to find ingredients, which is really helpful as I often get put off a recipe if I know it’s going to be a mission to find one ingredient. They tend to get the recipes from cooking classes, and their cooking class stories have made me want to go on some around the world (or maybe that’s me getting older…)

Itchy Feet Travel

Another blog that I like the general ‘feel’ of. The site is nice and simple, easy to navigate. And the content is written in a simple, friendly, light hearted manner. There are some good articles for how to make your home travel ready, the preparation stage and packing light and fast. All goes to make a great travel blog!

Wanderlust Wayfarer

This blog is great if you’re looking for a luxury experience with a small budget. This girl knows how to do this! The cruise section on the blog is really good, helping you to make the most of the cruise without using all your budget – actually makes me tempted to try a cruise as I’ve always thought they’d be way too expensive! Her itineraries are really good to – if you’re unsure what to see or have a limited time this blog is a great starting point to figure out what you want to do and how to make the most of your time.

Backroad Planet

This blog focuses on road trips, which is a great niche to focus on. It really works and it’s not just for cars too! They include river cruise too. They also have posts that tell you how to prepare your vehicle for different conditions and a three part post on how to plan your trip, which is really useful. Even more useful is the ‘Trip Planner’ which you type in your destination (this can be a city, region or entire country), how many days you are there and what you want to see and it figures it all out for you! You can then take a look at the itinerary and tweak it. So if you’re not too good at research or don’t have much time to research, this is a really useful tool.

Hungry Backpack

This couple have only been on the road for about six months and you can tell how much they are loving it! I love their story – they were at the point where everyone was expecting them to settle down etc, but they decided to do something that most people think is crazy, quit their boring life and travel. Their rebellious attitude really comes through in their blog. They prove it’s never too late to follow your dreams!


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This is more of an adventure travel blog. It focuses on hiking, biking and kayaking, to name just a few. But they also focus on ‘experience’ which does not have to be a strenuous activity, but can still be an adventure. Their stories are written in a laid back manner and it flows well. If you need to be inspired for an adventure, this is a great site to go to! They also do great reviews on a number of things, such as hiking gear and accommodation.

And there you have it, my ten favourite Travel Bloggers of 2016! I hope you find these sites as engaging and useful as I do!

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