Travel Is Like An Endless University…

“Travel is like an endless university. You never stop learning.”

This travel quote really does ring true! No matter where you go or who with you will always learn or experience something new when travelling.

The Quote Source

This quote is attributed to Harvey Lloyd. Harvey Lloyd is an American photographer and one of the leading figures in the “Breaking the Light” photographic movement. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1926. Lloyd is generally known for his abstract and realistic photography. Often his abstract work is used to inform his realistic work. He is also regarded as an influential photographer.

What This Travel Quote Means To Me

For me, this travel quote is so true! Wherever I go I always gain some valuable experience or learn something new. Travelling teaches you about other cultures and places as well as teaching you about yourself.

I went to University, but I feel that I learnt so much more when I took my gap year. Every time I visit somewhere new, I am still learning. Whether that be a couple of words in a new language or a new skill. When I travel I like to try everything I can. I have discovered activities that I never knew I would love or that I’d even be any good at!

Every time I travel I like to learn at least the basics in the language and customs of where I am visiting and when I get there I tend to learn a bit more. I love to learn about where I am and the history of the people and wildlife there, I’m the sort that spends time at the zoo reading the information signs rather that looking at the animal! But even when I’m not trying to learn something I tend to end up learning something about myself when travelling as a bare minimum! Whether that be a new skill or some new found confidence!

When travelling it is impossible not to learn! It really is an endless university!

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