Travelling With A Disability: 5 Tips For Booking Travel And Transport

Many people nowadays are travelling with a disability. Though I have no actual experience, I assume travelling with a disability is difficult. Here Jane gives five tips for booking travel and transport for disabled travellers.

Disclaimer: This Guest Post is sponsored, all opinions are Jane’s.

Disabilities should never be a hindrance. That’s especially true when it comes to travelling – and with the right preparation, it’ll be smooth sailing. With that being said, here are five essential tips for booking travel and transport during your trip.

1. Liaise With The Airline Before You Fly

When booking your flights, it’s important to address your disability with the airline. Travelling can sometimes be frustratingly difficult for disabled tourists, and so by making your needs known, the airline can accommodate you accordingly. Whatever assistance you may think you need, airlines often go above and beyond to make you comfortable.

You may also be assisted by an employee through the airport.  This makes the whole process a lot easier, and will likely also reduce any anxieties related to navigating the airport as a disabled tourist.

Liaise With the Airline

Liaise With the Airline Before Travelling

2. Ensure You Have Transport To And From The Airport

Of course, it’s crucial you book transport to and from the airport on both sides so that you’re not running the risk of being stranded at any point. Depending on where you’re travelling to, it may be difficult to spontaneously find a way of getting to and from your destination. Book in advance to ensure a stress-free experience once you land.

Book Your Transport

Have Your Transport To And From The Airport Booked

If you book with a travel agent, they’ll be able to help you find suitable transport once you arrive at your destination. Don’t leave it to the last minute, as you could find yourself in a predicament.

3. Consider Booking Tours In Advance

When travelling, it’s understandable you’ll want to do some exploring. A tour may be the best option for certain places – museums, temples and other common attractions are often best seen with an expert. Not only that, but by choosing a tour, you’ll be assisted in exploring the area and accommodated more than if you were to do it solo.

Be sure to book tours in advance so you know you’ll definitely be able to visit the places you want to. Leaving it to the day may cause disappointment, especially if you require some extra assistance that isn’t available.

4. Research The Most Efficient Transport For You

Whether it be taxis, trains or trams, it’s important to research your destination and see what type of transportation you should opt for. A city is likely easier to navigate than a more secluded, quiet area. But regardless of where you’re travelling to, it’s important that you know how to get around.

It may even be a good idea to book certain trips you know you’re taking in advance. This way, you can request assistance if it’s available. Plus you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that you can explore your destination with minimal complications.

Research Transport

Research Your Transport Options

5. Let Places Know You’re Coming

If you’re planning to visit certain tourist attractions during your trip, booking in advance is advised as you’ll be able to let them know of your requirements. If there’s any way they can make your experience more comfortable or accessible, letting them know you’re visiting will give them enough time to prepare for you.

Travelling With A Disability

Don’t Let Disabilities Get In The Way Of Travel

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