10 Places To Visit For Fantasy Food Travel

Food is such an important part of travel. Everywhere the food is different. It links to the culture, the nature of the place and the food that is available. When you travel it’s important to taste the world. In this guest post, Jessica tells us about ten places to visit for fantasy food travel.

If it is too good to be true, it’s probably not unless you are travelling to one of these destinations where the food makes everything worth it. If you have been looking for a sign that it is time to take that long overdue vacation, this is it. Prepare yourself for a holiday that lets you explore both unfamiliar yet scenic spots and your very own taste buds.

1. Hydra

Located in the Aegean Sea, this Greek island offers a lot of scenic views combined with heavenly food. Home to a large number of breathtaking beaches, picturesque sunsets and contemporary art, this island is lesser known but very promising. Head out to Omilos a restaurant and bar situated where the island’s legendary club, Lagoudera used to be. This restaurant combines history and tradition with gourmet food and is a must visit during your trip to the Greek Isles.

2. New Delhi

From the country that brought the perfect blend of spices with the chicken tikka masala, this city is on our list of destinations you should visit simply for the food. Fine dining restaurants such as the Indian Accent and Dum Pukth regularly find themselves on the list of Asia’s top 50 restaurants. The city’s dynamic chefs more often than not experiment with flavours combining Indian spices with a Western touch. The Indigo Deli is one of the hotspots of food enthusiasts offering a wide range of dishes from bagels to masala-infused Bloody Mary. Alternating between the local cuisine of kebabs, biryanis, and chaats with Western-style scrumptious dishes while simultaneously visiting world-famous monuments lets you make the most of your trip.

Tandoori Chicken In Delhi

Tandoori Chicken Must Be Tried In Delhi

3. Addis Ababa

A hotspot of museums, culture, churches and archaeological wonders, this town has yet another offering up its sleeve. While popular tourist restaurants cater to Western tastes, taking a trip on the wild side lets you experience the culture and local cuisine firsthand. Addis Eats, a tour company, takes you to four to five different restaurants. Through the tour, you get to savour the local charcoal fire coffee, Shiro be kibe – a soup blended with the country’s typical chilli spice and fried fish. Do not forget to try the classic sourdough flatbread known as injera available here.

Fantasy Food Travel

A Tradition Ehtiopian Meal

4. Busan

In the heart of South Korea, Busan is a city of culture and tradition. If you are looking for true and uninfluenced Korean cuisine, this is the place to go. From Seolleongtang, a beef bone broth soup, in the North to seafood in the south, this destination offers a wide range of options for you to try. For fresh and delectable fish, visiting the Jagalchi Fish Market is a must. Unlike other fish markets, this market keeps the fish alive in great big tanks.

5. Pantelleria

Located on the edge of Italy, this quaint town offers classic high-quality Italian cuisine. Capers are the main culinary flavouring in this area due to the presence of rich volcanic soil that makes it easy for them to grow. Most, if not all, restaurants here have a menu rich with Italian staples such as fish couscous and shakshuka. Make sure to stop at La Nicchia for a high-quality Italian meal paired with a Dimple Pinch that makes the entire trip worth it.

6. Marrakech

Marrakech is a former imperial city in Morocco and is home to architectural marvels such as gardens, palaces, and mosques. The world-famous marketplace of Marrakech is truly a sight a behold with its storybook-like charm and cheap but high-quality leather goods and handicrafts. Local snacks such as the merguez, juices, and pastries are available in and around the marketplace to complement your shopping trip.

If you are looking for fine dining, head to the La Nouvelle Sirene for kebabs and traditional seafood such as spiced shrimp and prune. The Le Marocain offers a full 14-course meal with a view of the gardens at the La Mamounia hotel. Make sure to try the local mint tea at least once before leaving the city.

7. Charleston

Charleston has quickly evolved to become a food destination. Simple, rustic food-focused restaurants have cropped up across the city. Husk and McCrady’s are two of the most popular restaurants in Charleston that feature rotating menus made with local ingredients. Other noteworthy restaurants to visit in this city are Butcher & Bee and FIG. Alcohol such as Seagrams 7 whiskey complements the food greatly. You can spend time visiting the other attractions this city has to offer such as lush gardens, ports and, forts while building up your appetite for the next meal.

8. Tokyo

Home to the highest number of Michelin stars for eight years in a row (at time of writing), it comes as no surprise that Tokyo is on this list. Tokyo is a perfect blend of culture and technology; the tourist spots to visit range from sky decks to temples. Outside of the commonplace yet delicious sushi and ramen, Tokyo offers an impressive number of culinary delicacies. A large number of restaurants offer a traditional kaiseki-style meal. However, that is not the limit of what Tokyo has to offer. With growing international influence, multiple French establishments also find themselves in the top restaurants in Tokyo.

9. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, a city in Northern Thailand, is the hub for all things culture and cuisine. A must-try dish that you find here is the khao soi. This blend of noodle soup and curry is Thailand’s most popular dish and a trip to Chiang Mai would not be complete without it. Restaurants offer different versions of this dish. The broth could be made of pork or chicken seasoned with a Burmese-style curry. An open-air restaurant Lamduan is supposedly behind the invention of this dish and this very same restaurant should be your first stop.

10. Oaxaca

Contrary to what Mexican fast food restaurants will have you believe, Mexican cuisine is not just nachos and tortillas. Oaxaca is the city in central Mexico and its landscape consists of pyramids, churches, and gardens. However, that is not all this city has to offer. It is also known as the land of the seven moles due to its speciality dish – a deeply flavoured mole negro. About 30 ingredients make up the distinctive rich flavour of this dish. Other moles such as red, green and yellow are also popular.

Oaxaca Fantasy Food Travel

Three Moles In Oaxaca

Outside of this, Oaxaca also boasts of mezcal – an agave-based spirit – and Chapulines – a toasted salty snack of edible insects.

So get packing for your next vacation and let your tastebuds lead the way!

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