Monthly Archives: October 2017

  • Guest Post – Make Your Road Trip Family Friendly

    Family road trips are not something I have experience. Even as a child my family didn’t do a road trip holiday. It’s a shame as this is a great way to travel. Here are seven tips from Jonathon on how to make road trips family friendly: My favourite childhood memories are of the numerous road […]

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  • The Big Mexico Adventure – The Planning and Preparations

    Since coming home from the gap year, Dave and me kind of got settled. Jobs, a mortgage, you know the story. The idea was to still travel, but to just explore closer to home. The house was an important part of the plan, in the UK it’s actually the best savings account. But the plan […]

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  • Wilderness and Adventures

    Guest Post – Wilderness and Adventures Not to Miss in Canada

    As I have not explored Canada at all I was very happy that Roxana has contributed this post about the wilderness and adventures in Canada. It’s definitely made Canada jump up a few places on my bucket list! Wondering where you should take you beloved backpack next, where you next great big adventure lies? I […]

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