Bear InMind Backpacker Logbook Review

When travelling you take pictures to remember your journey, but sometimes the images aren’t quite enough. Travel diaries can really help jog your memory and help you to escape back to your adventure when you get home. For me, a travel journal is a vital part of my travel kit, I need to record a lot for writing up later. But I think a good journal is important for all travellers so that you can look back on your adventure in detail.

When I went to Mexico I took a Bear InMind Backpacker Logbook with me to record some of my journeys. Here’s my full review.

Disclaimer: I was gifted a Bear InMind Backpacker Logbook in return for an unbiased and honest review. Therefore all opinions are my own.

Bear InMind

Bear InMind Logbooks were the creation of two social entrepreneurs with a passion for travel. The idea came when they lost a diving logbook and when they tried to replace it they could find very few well-designed alternatives, so they decided to create their own.

Next, they realised that filling out blank pages to record their travels was a time-consuming process. With this in mind, they decided to create preformatted logbooks, to make recording their adventures easier. And the company had evolved from there. At the time of writing, there are five different logbooks: diving; restaurant; backpacking; road trip; hiking.

Bear InMind Logbooks

The Bear InMind Backpacker Logbook

Their logbooks are all waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting it out in the rain or on a bumpy boat ride. They are also durable and eco-friendly. Made from stone paper, they are 100% wood free and so doesn’t require as much water to make and creates less pollution. It is this stone paper that gives a soft touch, makes it waterproof and durable.

The Bear InMind Backpacker Logbook

I used the backpacker logbook on my trip. This pocket size travel journal is more than just a diary. It has preformatted pages to fill out as well as blank pages for extra notes. There are 32 days that can be filled out in this book. Inside there are also travel tips, travel stats, packing list and a world map.

World Map In The Backpacker Logbook

The World Map To Record Your Travels

Like all the Bear InMind Logbooks, the backpacker journal is made from stone paper and so is waterproof, eco-friendly and durable.

The preformatted pages are designed so that you can quickly fill out your travel diary as you are on the road. As travels are often fast-paced, you often don’t have the time to fill out lengthy journal entries.

Example Of How To Use Bear InMind Logbook

The How To Use Page Of The Backpacker logbook

My Review

When I received the Bear InMind Backpacker Logbook I was amazed at how nice it felt. It was light and soft to touch.

Opening the book I thought the tips and packing list could be really useful. The packing list is a tick list, which makes it easy to use. The tips were good too, reminding you to get insurance, your vaccinations and the correct plugs. And for me, a map is always great. There was also an example page, to show you how to use the travel journal.

I used the logbook during my West Adventures trip, and so did not use all the pages. The travel diary I thought was laid out well. You can quickly jot down what the weather was like, how you felt, what transport you took, who your travel companions were and what food you ate. There’s also a bit to note down your costs and a plain area to jot down extra notes.

Bear InMind Backpacker Logbook

The Travel Journal In The Backpacker Logbook

At the end, there is also a summary page. I really love this as you can round up what your trip was like overall. I think that’s a great idea.

Bear InMind Travel Summary

The Travel Summary Page For A Quick Overview Of Your Journey

My Score – 5/5

Personally, I found the Bear InMind Backpacker Logbook a great additional tool for recording my adventures. It is a really nice material and definitely durable as it survived my six and a half month trip. As I’m rather heavy handed and not a great packer, I was a little worried that I would damage it a little. But absolutely nothing. It feels and looks just as nice when I first got it.

All the additional features make this more than just a travel diary. Travel tips are always useful, as is a packing list. The journal itself was easy to use and meant note taking was really quick.

Using The Bear InMind Logbook

Taking Notes On My West Adventures Trip With The Backpacker Logbook

The only slight issue I found was that I needed more space to write, but this is because I need a lot of notes for writing up my adventures when I get home. It was a great addition though as I could make the quick notes, which would help jog my memory for in-depth note taking later.

The fact that the logbook is eco-friendly is an extra bonus that makes me happy too. For a trip of 32-days or less, the Bear InMind Backpacker Logbook is a great way to take quick notes on your journey, whether you then need to make more in-depth notes later or not.

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