Bourbon Street New Orleans

The Famous Bourbon Street - A Jazz Night You'll Never Forget!

Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana, is world renowned for it’s nightlife. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, sprawling 13 blocks for Canal Street to Esplanade Avenue there’s plenty to see on this one street! Although it can seem a little ‘touristy’ with the novelty shops and daiquiri stalls, that’s part of the fun! The more ‘touristy’ part is from Canal Street to St. Ann Street, this is known as ‘upper Bourbon Street’ and is the most visited area.
Famous for Burlesque clubs, DJs, Bars and Live music it’s an exciting night out! And there’s more here than Jazz and booze, visit during the day to see the quieter side of Bourbon Street. You can see beautiful architecture and hear some amazing tales and folklore of this famous street.

Bourbon Street’s’ History

New Orleans is one of the United States oldest cities. The street dates back to 1798 when New Orleans was founded by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne De Bienville. The French name for the Street is Rue Bourbon, it was named in honour of France’s ruling family the House of Bourbon. Being so old, the street is full of iconic buildings and folklore. Not to mention the ghost, vampire and voodoo stories that you will discover!

Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street

A Night On Bourbon Street

Since the nightlife is what Bourbon Street is famous for it seems important to focus on that. Although, there are plenty of iconic buildings with beautiful architecture to see during the day, the Street comes to life at night (especially during festivals, such as Mardi Gras). A night on Bourbon Street is crowded and boozey. There’ll be plenty of live music, especially Jazz, around. Virtually every bar you walk past will have some entertainment on! The bars supply large beers and cocktails aimed at tourists. The people of New Orleans certainly have a sense of humour with cocktails names ‘The Hurricane’, ‘The Hand Grenade’ and ‘Resurrection’, to name just a few!
A good point about the tourist draw of the Street – everything is on the same Street! If you get bored of the crowds, music and drink and want a quick break, you can easily slip down a side street for a bit of quiet.

Jazz On Bourbon Street

Jazz On Bourbon Street

You may think Bourbon Street is a very ‘touristy’ thing to do and a bit of a waste of money for a poor backpacker. However, it is worth a night out – you don’t have to get drunk. Enjoy the Jazz and the spirit of Bourbon Street! Visit during the day too for the history. There’s plenty of tours available too!

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