The Eastern Comfort Hostel Boat, Berlin

Sleep In Comfort As You Float On The River Spree

The Eastern Comfort Hostel Boat in Berlin is often ranked as one of the best hostels in Berlin. Not only is the Eastern Comfort quirky, being a boat, but it’s also in a great location too! Located between two of Berlin’s busiest districts, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, you can easily party or see the sights from this hostel. Floating on the River Spree, right by the Oberbaum Bridge and the East Side Gallery (the longest part of the Berlin Wall to remain) you can see a piece of history just a few steps away from your bed.

The History Of The Eastern Comfort Berlin Hostel

The hostel boat was originally named “Friedrich der Große” (which translates to “Frederick The Great”) and was built in 1991 for the ‘White Fleet Potsdam’. The plan was for this ship, along with three other identical sections and a push boat, to travel the rivers of Europe. However, this never happened, instead the ship became a permanent hotel in Potsdam. Later the ship was sold to a new owner on the German Coast.

The ship was given a new name ‘Rüstringer Friese’ and was used as a hotel and restaurant during the EXPO 2000. During this time the upper deck was built.

Unfortunately, the owner of the ship went bankrupt and it lay empty for three years. After long negotiations, a new owner was found and the ship was brought to Berlin.

In 2005 the Eastern Comfort opened and welcomed travellers! The ship’s hull is made from 8mm steel and it ship has a pontoon-formed body, though it lacks its own engine. The hostel boat has its own fresh water and sewage water tanks, fire pumps, hydraulic doors and sewage plant.

There’s a reason for the name “Eastern Comfort” too; it is a tribute to the East Side Gallery nearby and “Comfort” implies you will have a comfortable stay (as well as being a popular alcohol brand).

As the Eastern Comfort has become so popular, the “Western Comfort” was added and is now moored next door. The is newer boat is rooms only, all the common areas and reception are on the Eastern Comfort.

East Side Gallery

Section of the East Side Gallery

Staying At The Eastern Comfort Hostel Boat In Berlin

The Eastern Comfort does not lack facilities! There’s lots on offer. Whether you stay in the Eastern Comfort or the Western Comfort, the same facilities are available. The hostel also has a good environmental claim.

All information is correct at the time of the latest update (stated at the top of the post)

Hostel Areas

All the communal areas are on the Eastern Comfort. The Western Comfort only has dorm rooms with shared facilities, whilst the Eastern Comfort has a range of rooms and private rooms are en suite.

Bedrooms (Or Cabins)

The bedrooms are located on both the boats, though each boat has a separate set-up. Some rooms have porthole windows, others have large windows. You can expect views of the river or Eastside Gallery form your room.

The Western Comfort has a total of 18 rooms available, or you can camp on the roof. These rooms are:

  • Single – Sleep in a large bed with a large window and amazing views
  • 3 Bed – This room has a large bed and bunk beds. The large window offers great views
  • Tent On The Roof – Sleep on the roof and get the best views. You will also have a large lockbox for your gear. This accommodation is only available in warmer months

The Eastern Comfort has 25 cabins available.

  • Dorm Rooms – Two dorm rooms are available: a 4-bed with a shower and a 5-bed with shower and toilet outside the cabin
  • Second Class – These rooms sleep 3 people with small double bed and bunk beds. This type of room is ensuite
  • First Class – These rooms sleep 2 people, with ensuite. There are large windows in the first class rooms, so you get amazing views.

Communal Areas

All communal areas are located on the Eastern Comfort.

  • Common Area – The reception is in the bow of the ship and the common area in the stern. Here you will find a TV, internet access and a phone.
  • The Floating Lounge – Whether you are buying food and drink or not, you are able to relax here. The upper deck lounge and cafe is a great place to watch the sunset after a long day of sightseeing. You can purchase drinks (such as German beers) and snacks. There are also events such as boat parties.

Other Facilities

The Eastern Comfort has a wide range of facilities including freebies and items available to buy or rent. If you stay on the Western Comfort, these hostel facilities are still available to you.


  • Friendly and helpful crew;
  • Wifi;
  • No curfew (24-hour door code);
  • 24-hour Reception
  • Boat mooring (free for guests, available at a cost for non-guests.

To Purchase/Rent

  • ‘All you can eat’ breakfast;
  • Bicycles;
  • Laundry service;
  • Refreshments;

The Environment

How does the Eastern Comfort get power? What does the hostel do with waste? The hostel is as environmentally friendly as possible!

Water – Heated by solar panels.

Light – LED light bulbs.

Heat – Generated by pumps through terrestrial heat.

Electricity – Provided by solar panels.

Transport – Errands and shopping for the hostel is done using an electric car and bicycle.

Green – A plant island has been built for mating birds and to add some greenery in the ‘Urban Jungle’.

You Can Help Too – Use water sparingly and turn off the lights when you leave a room.

Eastern Comfort Hostel Boat

Eastern Comfort Hostel Boat

How To Find The Berlin Hostel boat

Berlin is a big city, but luckily the public transport is great, so it’s easy to get to the Eastern Comfort hostel. To find this Berlin hostel you need to catch an S-Bahn train to Warschauerstraße, from this station it is a little more than a 10-minute walk to the hostel. From the station walk along a road (which is on a bridge), towards the river, the road you should be on is Warschauerstraße and you should be going downhill.

Once you come to a crossroads with traffic lights on the edge of the river, turn right and follow the wall. At the second opening, you should see the Eastern Comfort Hostelboat.

If you want a quirky, fun hostel in Berlin, the Eastern Comfort Hostel Boat is the place for you! It’s often ranked as one of Berlin’s best hostels and it’s no wonder why! A range of facilities and a great location added to the fact that it’s a boat and has a bar makes the Eastern Comfort a popular choice

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