Google Flights Update Will Help You Avoid Paying More!

Google Flights are stepping up the game in the world of searching for cheap flights! The airline search tool will make it easier to find cheap flights, great news for not only budget travellers, but all travellers!

We’ve all been there, we’ve seen a cheap flight, but weren’t sure. Two days later you decided and go to purchase the ticket, only to find the price has flown up (pardon the pun). It’s a frustrating situation, and the search begins again! However, the new update on Google Flights will forewarn you of a likely increase in price. So you can avoid the frustration of finding out too late!

The Main Change

Previously, Google Flights has been able to alert you of price changes if you’ve tracked a flight. It has also had to ability to find cheap destinations for when you wanted to travel. Another feature was to show fluctuating prices, like a calendar.

In the coming weeks the website (unfortunately there is no App yet) will be able to tell you how long you are likely to have until the fare changes. These are predictions based on historical data.

If you are looking at a route Google Flights may give you a notification saying when prices may rise, based on historic data. If you then select the notification it will go on to tell you how likely the price increase is and by how much the price may increase by.

If you are looking at a certain flight, this data is more accurate. The notification will be able to tell you what price increase is likely to happen and the likely timing of the change. This timing can be in hours.

These are great if you’re planning on flying soon. However, if you’re looking a few months in advance, it’s not so useful. However, you can set up email notifications to see when prices change. The alerts will also tell you if prices are likely to increase soon.

Other Useful Bits

Google Flights also has other features that make it a useful tool when searching for flights. The website can give you ‘tips’. For example, if you know where you want to go and are able to be flexible, Google Flights will point out alternative departure airports and dates that can save you money.

There is also an ‘Explore’ tab. This is for if you’re not sure exactly where you want to go. If you wanted to go somewhere in Europe you can use this tab to explore the options for a certain date and choose a cheap destination.

Overall it looks like Google Flights has come up with a game-changer. No longer will you be informed too late that prices have increased, you will be forewarned! Saving you the frustration! Hopefully other flight search engines will follow suit. I personally look forward to this big change!

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