Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas For Travellers

Travellers, let’s face it, we can be a pain to buy for at Christmas. What do you buy someone who wants to live a minimalist life? Maybe doesn’t even have a home and keeps selling all their stuff to travel. We don’t exactly make it easy, do we?

My advice, experiences are always a good choice or something that’ll be useful on their travels. Here are my top ten gift ideas for travellers and backpackers (in no particular order, they’re all great gifts!):

1. Sleep Master

The Sleep Master Sleep Mask is perfect for long journeys, especially for those that find sleeping on these journeys difficult. It’s super soft, completely blackout and even muffles noise. It is the best sleep mask I have ever tried and very useful for the traveller that needs to sleep on the bus.

And if you buy through Etsy you can get 10% off, just use the code “HOLS17” at checkout

Sleep Master

The Sleep Master Kit

2. Hydro Flask

All backpackers need a good water bottle. It’s much better for the environment and the budget to simple refill from the tap rather than continually buying plastic bottles. The Hydro Flask holds a litre and keeps water cool throughout the day. It can even be used for hot drinks, keeping them warm for hours too. So whether your traveller is going somewhere hot or cold they can stay hydrated, which is very important when travelling.

Find the Hydro Flask on Amazon.

Hydroflask Water Bottle

Hydroflask Water Bottle

3. Kameleon Rose Travel Dress

I apologise, this one is mainly for the girls (but I have no problem if any guys want it too!) This dress is such a useful item to have, it is actually twenty items of clothing in one. It can be turned from a dress to pants, from a top to a skirt. So overall your traveller will need fewer clothes when packing. Plus it is quick-drying, has a hidden pocket and rolls up really small. Saving space and time, two things backpackers always need more of.

Use the code “natpacker” at the checkout to get 10% off the Travel Dress when you purchase here.

Travel Dress

The Kameleon Rose Travel Dress

4. Bear In Mind Logbooks

Keeping a journal is often something that backpackers plan to do, but never quite manage. Who wants to spend time sitting around for hours recording the past few weeks? The Bear In Mind Logbooks make this task really easy. They’re simple to use and make it more like a tick sheet process, so the traveller can just quickly jot down the important bits. There are five different types, so whether the traveller you’re buying for is a foodie, a backpacker, a road tripper, a diver or a hiker, there’s one for every type of traveller.

Find the perfect logbook here.

Bear In Mind Logbook

Bear In Mind Logbook

5. TRTL Travel Pillow

Another vital piece of equipment for getting some shut-eye on long journeys. This travel pillow is scientifically proven to support your neck. It has an internal support structure in a soft fleece cover, meaning your traveller can rest and not wake up with an ache in the neck from leaning against the window.. It’s half the size of a normal travel pillow and really light. Plus it’s even machine washable, making it the perfect travel companion.

Find the TRTL on Amazon.

TRTL Travel Pillow

TRTL Travel Pillow

6. Pala Sunglasses

No matter where in the world your traveller goes, chances are they will need sunglasses at some point. Even in the coldest regions, the sun can damage your eyes. The best part about these sunglasses is that the brand supports and funds visionary centres in Africa, a great cause. So your traveller will know that they’ve made a difference whilst wearing these glasses.

Find the Pala Sunglasses here.

7. Twist Adapter

All travellers need a good charger. And this charger is the best. It can plug in into any plug world wide, has USB charging stations and even has a Mac attachment. It’s the perfect charger for a world traveller who is doing several countries in one trip. It is literally all that is needed. A big problem solved.

Find the Twist adaptor on Amazon.

8. Lifestraw

You may be thinking “Another Water Bottle?” but bear with me. This water bottle makes any water safe to drink. It’s perfect for a hiker, camper or traveller who is planning on visiting countries where the tap water isn’t drinkable. It’s a useful bit of kit for travellers to have up their sleeve. The Lifestraw makes it possible to drink from just about any water source.

Find the Lifestraw on Amazon.



9. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes may not seem like much, but they can really help with organising a backpack. They help to compress clothes slightly so that there is a little more room. They’re also helpful in separating clean and dirty clothes, which can be difficult in a backpack.

Find packing cubes on Amazon

10. Buy A Gift Voucher

If your traveller friend has all these amazing items, an experience voucher will go down well. Buy A Gift has a range of vouchers to suit every traveller, from foodie experiences to active adventures. Just make sure they’ll be in the country at some point to use it! You tend to get nine months to use the vouchers, but you never know with travellers…

Get your vouchers from Buy A Gift.

Well, there are just some gift ideas for travellers. I hope it helped and you can find the perfect gift for your travelling friend this Christmas.

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