6 Outdoor Adventures You Must Experience While Still Young

I love getting outdoors and trying new things. From white water rafting to bungee jumping, I love trying pretty much anything. Even just a good hike will do it for me. There’s plenty of outdoor experiences to have. In this guest post, Hannah tells us about six outdoor adventures you must experience.

Life is short, so why not make the most of it! In fact, there are some activities and adventures that you can experience only when you are young (and bold enough). Most of these are closely related to outdoor activities and travelling so make sure you use your twenties and thirties to the best. If you are young or feeling like a youngster, here are top 6 outdoor adventures to embark on.

Sand Surfing In The Sahara

If you thought that the Australian waves offered the best surfing experience in the world, you were wrong. In fact, you don’t even need water to surf, as sand surfing is becoming increasingly popular. The largest nonpolar desert in the world, the Sahara, offers many opportunities for descending its colourful dunes. Apart from sand surfing, there is even sandboarding, a variant of snowboarding (without the snow, obviously).

Sand Surfing

Sand Surfing In The Sahara

Helis, Skis, And Switzerland

If you are skied before, we are sorry to say but conventional skiing is not the ultimate outdoor adventure. However, if you add a helicopter and off-trail skiing then you get an adventure of a lifetime. The country of Switzerland has a lot of ski resorts with ski lifts that take you to the top of well-marked slope but you don’t want this. Get a chopper to airlift you to a mountain top and then descend a more challenging trail.

An Amazon River Cruise

Once you hear the phrase “river cruise” you probably think of one of those steamboats on the Mississippi. Such a cruise would be hardly considered a challenge nowadays so you need to head south below the sights of Mexico to the Peruvian stretch of the Amazon which offers a chance for a cruise of a lifetime. While aboard one of the luxurious cruise boats, you get an opportunity to enjoy the untamed wilderness and the culture of indigenous Indian tribes. Just don’t be tempted to have a dip in the Amazon, as piranhas are a constant threat.

Amazon River Cruise

An Amazon River Cruise Is A Great Way To Get Close To Nature

Camping In Antarctica

Besides outer space and the ocean depths, Antarctica is the true last frontier of mankind. Camping on this frozen piece of land thousands of kilometres from nearest human settlement seems ridiculous and that is why you should do it! Grab your camping essentials and book a tour online that will allow you to spend three days trekking and skiing in Antarctica. We bet no one will have as nearly impressive holiday photos as yours!

Paragliding In Turkey

If we say Turkey, then you are going to think of the mesmerizing landscapes and pink beaches. If we say paragliding, then you might get scared at first but exhilarated if you give the prospect of air gliding a second thought. There is a town in Turkey called Oludeniz where you can not only go for a summer holiday but paraglide as well. You set off the Babadağ Mountain and they slowly descend to one of the lagoons or beaches down below.


Paragliding In Turkey

Doing The Great Wall Of China

China had been opening to foreign tourists for decades now and most tourists that come to this Far East country want to see the Great Wall. Instead of just seeing it and creating an Instagram story, you have the possibility to trek its entire length! There are even agencies that have a 12-day trek as part of their standard offer you will be accompanied by a licensed guide. Watchtower after watchtower, you will experience the northern part of China as few people do.

The bucket list of a typical adult is much longer than these 6 adventures but they are a great place to start from. The best thing is that travel agencies actually offer these unique adventures so you will enjoy an increased level of safety.

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