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My Mini Adventure Part 2 – A Coastal Walk To The Pub

Here is the second instalment of My Mini Adventure to Tewkesbury and Combe Martin. This covers the arrival at Combe Martin and the next day when we walked a part of the Coastal Path. If you missed the first part, which told of mine and Dave’s adventures in Tewkesbury, click here to go back. Meet […]

My Mini Adventure Part 1 – A Night In Tewkesbury

This is the first part of three in my Mini Adventure that took me to Tewkesbury and Combe Martin. My parents had rented a cottage for a week, but me and Dave could only go for a long weekend. As the cottage was rented from Saturday to Saturday, we decided to start the 4-5 hour […]

My Mini Adventure To Tewkesbury And Combe Martin

My Parents had rented a cottage in Combe Martin for a week. As it had two bedrooms, they asked me and Dave if we wanted to tag along. Dave couldn’t get the whole week off, but we were able to make a long weekend of it. Here is an overview of the Adventure – follow […]

My Glastonbury Adventure – Spiritual Places And Cheesey Caves

We’ve never been able to get back home from Beautiful Days without hitting traffic jam after traffic jam. So when planning for the 2015 Festival, we decided to cut the journey up, stopping somewhere on the way back. We’d seen the signs for Cheddar Gorge and Wookey Hole each year we went south, and were […]

My Glastonbury Adventure Day 3 – The Abbey

This is the third and final part of My Glastonbury Adventure. The day comprised of visiting Glastonbury Abbey before heading off home. Here are the links for if you missed Day 2 – Cheesy Caves or Day 1 – A Drive and a Climb. I hope you enjoy this final part, My Glastonbury Adventure Day […]

My Glastonbury Adventure Day 2 – A Cheesy Cave

This is the second part out of three of My Glastonbury Adventure. My Glastonbury Adventure Day 2 involves me and Dave going to see (and thoroughly explore) the Cheddar Caves and Gorge. If you missed Day 1, just click here to go back! Cheddar Gorge Or The Wookey Hole? We got up early for breakfast, […]


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My Glastonbury Adventure Day 1 – A Drive And A Climb

This is the first part of three about my time in Glastonbury. Follow the link at the bottom of the page for the sequel. But for now, I hope you enjoy the story of My Glastonbury Adventure Day 1 – A Drive And A Climb! We’ve never been able to get back home from Beautiful […]

Nine Reasons Why You Should Travel Now

I hear so many people saying how they wish they could travel like I did. But they don’t have the money/opportunity/confidence/any other excuse you can think of. They’ll do it eventually. But I feel that for many people it will never be the ‘right time’ to travel. Whether you do a gap year, a couple […]