Monthly Archives: October 2016

My Kilimanjaro Adventure Day 1 – The Arrival

After a stupidly long flight of 17 hours and two transfers. One of which was in Doha Hamad Airport, which had some very bizarre art about the place… And was massive! Anyway, so after airport and planes and practically an entire day of travel, we finally arrived in Tanzania. And here is what happened during […]

My Kilimanjaro Adventure – Planning And Preparation

Me and Dave wanted to do something big. We’d been together for 10 years in February 2015, so wanted a big adventure to celebrate. We toyed with the idea of Venice, Rome, the usual ‘romantic’ places. But realised we didn’t want that cliche, we wanted bigger. So why not tick Kilimanjaro off the bucket list? […]

Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels – I’ll admit, an unusual one for a backpacker. But sometimes, when you’ve been on the road for a while… Roughing it in hostel dorms… Don’t get me wrong, I love hostels, but if you get a string of bad ones… It may be nice to have a little bit of luxury. I also […]

Cancer Cured? Tasmanian Devil Face Cancer May Have Met Its Match

This week the first evidence that Tasmanian Devils have developed immunity against their facial cancer. The cancer has pushed the specie to the brink of extinction in recent years. The carnivorous marsupial is found only on Tasmania. It is believed that about 20,000 individuals remain in the wild. The Disease The disease is called Devil […]

Google Flights Update Will Help You Avoid Paying More!

Google Flights are stepping up the game in the world of searching for cheap flights! The airline search tool will make it easier to find cheap flights, great news for not only budget travellers, but all travellers! We’ve all been there, we’ve seen a cheap flight, but weren’t sure. Two days later you decided and […]

Giant Pandas Have A Lot To Celebrate!

Ok, so two news stories in one. But overall, the past couple of months have been a good time for Giant Pandas! First, Giant Pandas have been taken off the endangered list. And then twin cubs celebrated their first Birthday at Toronto Zoo! So, there really is a lot to celebrate for Giant Pandas! Pandas […]

TripAdvisor Stops Selling Tickets To Animal Attractions

A move that is being applauded by animal welfare organisations. After a petition that had more than 558,000 signatures and campaigns by animal welfare groups.  Tripadvisor is to stop selling tickets for attractions that are seen as cruel. Attractions to be banned from the site are those that allow physical contact with captive, wild and […]